If you had to write a story about a dream team tech company worthy of Silicon Valley stardom, we can pretty much guarantee that you wouldn’t come close to starting where we did…

On a cold January morning in 2011, our Founder Bill Scouller had an idea. He loved technology, and after spending 16 years as Chief Executive of GSPC (You know, the big green FOR SALE signs you see all over Glasgow) he wanted to keep finding ways that technology could make better businesses. So after hearing a few stories about how people were suffering from the costs associated to conflicts and disputes in the commercial world, he decided to found Odro. The whole purpose was to provide Online Dispute Resolution (See where the name comes from yet?). Little did he know what he would uncover along the way!

In January 2012 Bill met the technical eWizard that became Mark, our Technical Director. Mark, our Techy Leader, created all of our amazing technologies. Mark brought Bill’s idea to reality, and the first version of Odro was born. The first few versions of Odro were good, but weren’t built to take the demand, however it was the discovery of brand new video technology within the system that really got our juices flowing. We found a way to extract the video technology as a stand alone product and created Odro Vision.

After a few years of refining, changing, testing, erasing and building again – Bill and Mark decided it was time to let others share the technology. We had Vision, and now we had The Hub. It was time to find someone who could introduce the technology to the world, so in 2015 Bill and Mark found Ryan.

Bill, Mark and Ryan sat down in a busy Costa Coffee (other coffee chains are available!) in sunny Cambridge and hatched a plan to share this technology with the world. This all started with building the right team to take us forward, and we’re well on our way!

We’re creating a place that people enjoy coming to. Online and offline.

Yes, we’re doing our work – but it’s great work. And it’s changing the way other people think about their own work.

We’re a really friendly bunch, honest! If you’d like to know anything about us, or just have a look at what we’ve created – just get in touch or book a demo! We’d love to hear from you.