15 Examples of When the New Life is Better than the Old Life!

With local lockdowns popping up and COVID restrictions very much still a thing, we thought it was good timing to take a look at when being on video calls and working from home is actually much better than the old normal. Positive vibes and all that! So here it goes, for anyone feeling like they’re totally over it. Just remember these things - 

  1. Being inside on video calls all the time means you never have to go out in the rain, or the cold, or the wind, or the snow!
  2. No post or pre-meeting commute. Finish at 5? Close the laptop and take around 3 steps to your sofa, chillin’ like a villain by 5.05. 
  3. The only smells are your own. There’s no-one reheating mackerel in the microwave. Unless you’re the person who does that? In which case you should stay in lockdown forever. 
  4. You can mute people.
  5. You can mute yourself and let out one of those smells I was talking about. 
  6. Only have to dress from the waist up. Business on the top, comfy on the bottom. 
  7. You don’t have to worry about bumping into people you don’t like when you’re out and about getting lunch (unless you don’t like the people in your house).
  8. Only one DJ, you chose the soundtrack to your day by yourself. Don’t have to listen to Headbanger Harry’s rock music or Glow-stick Gloria’s 90s rave.
  9. If you have kids, you get to spend more time with them! If you don’t like them, tough luck. 
  10. If you have pets, you get to spend more time with them! Everyone likes their pets. 
  11. You can prepare your dinner on your lunch hour! If you’re a slow cooker person, you were already on this trend with breakfast time prep, but now we can all shop and chop during the day, giving us more time to ourselves at night. 
  12. If other people live in your house you get to show them you being a very clever, important, business person. They probably thought you just hung around a water cooler all day gossiping before they got to see what you actually do for your paycheck.
  13. Parcels, parcels, parcels. So many parcels. No more dreaded “sorry we missed you” slip and trip to the depot for you! You’re always home for gifts and goodies. 
  14. Morning and lunchtime exercise with no worries of the sweaty seat all afternoon. 
  15. No one can be annoyed at you for being either overly-excited for Christmas or being a total Grinch when you’re free to do it your way from the comfort of your own home.  

There you have it. If you’re at a low point of the so-called “corona-coaster” today then remember these perks. Yeah, it’ll be nice to be allowed back into offices one day but for now, let’s continue to enjoy… I’m going to say it… I can’t help but say it... the new normal. 

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