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Odro director Ryan McCabe has a wealth of experience in recruitment and he’s had his eyes opened to how decisions on candidates are made. Odro Vision is set to change the game for recruiters. Here’s why.

I’ve had some excellent times in the recruitment industry, and I’ve had some terrible times – but all in all everyone was (and is) fighting the same fight.

Trying to stand out to the client and justify their fee, all while explaining how different they are from the agency next door charging the same price is soul destroying, yet no one really offers anything of real added value to the client.

There were a few things that I heard on offer to HR Managers while I was heavily involved:

  • We’ll interview them face-to-face first (we promise).
  • You give us the questions you want answered and we’ll have the answers on our interview notes.
  • We’ll provide a detailed shortlist with references.
  • We’ll let you use our office to interview them (What?).
  • We’ll advertise on our social media and on more job boards than anyone else.

Or the family favourite:

  • No one has a database like ours.

Most of these are true, and they cost money. However, I’m sorry to break it to you, recruiters, but everyone offers this. Not only that, but the hiring managers get this pitch twice every day and guess what? They don’t even want most of those perks.

There’s a reason that hiring managers will let you do everything except hire the person yourself, and that’s because there are certain things about the candidate that you just can’t know.

The only way that the hiring manager knows if this is the correct person for the job is through the way they answer the questions, not the answers themselves.

In most cases within the UK, over 75 per cent of the decision to hire a candidate is made on their manner, attitude and confidence. The rest is technical skill, presentation and proven experience.

The only way for the hiring manager to determine these traits, and make 75 per cent of that decision, is to see the candidate’s reactions live. It’s impossible to gauge the candidate’s manner, attitude and confidence without seeing their reaction to questions as they come up in a live interview scenario with a recruiter.

This is why we adapted Odro’s Online HD Meeting Room facilities to accommodate downloadable recorded live interviews accessed via the recruiter’s website.

Agencies and HR Departments that use Odro for interviews are now able to give their hiring manager a video file along with a CV, answering the set questions live and re-actively.

The stats have been incredible, as the numbers clearly show that 75 per cent of the decision is already made before the face-to-face interview, and in many cases it cuts out a second or third stage interview in the process.

Interview to hire ratios almost double and overall project length is reduced by an average of 30 per cent.

We’ve also been told that it has been an excellent way to ensure exclusivity on projects, when before this was not achievable. We have found a way to save the client time and money by working smarter not harder.

Would you like to see how Odro works? Click this link and we’ll be in touch ASAP!

The team can happily show you the recommendations we’ve received from some of the top recruitment agencies and hiring teams in the UK.

We’re helping agencies stand out from the crowd, and offer real value to a hiring manager. Not the same “added value” as everyone else is offering!

This blog has been edited since it was first published on LinkedIn on January 26.

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