5 Ways to Stay Safe and Use Odro Over the Holidays

We can’t quite believe we’re at December and we’re still under COVID restrictions but this really is the last push now. Dolly Parton’s vaccine is en route to save us all! Vaccine, vaccine, vaccine, vacciiiiine. We’re begging of you please come and make things right. 

(Any Christmas cracker companies reading, you can have that one). 

Thankfully we’re allowed a “Christmas Bubble”, or a “Christmas Bauble” if you will, with two other households. But we know it won’t be the norm for most and everyone will be missing the usual big gatherings. So, we’ve come up with five ways to use Odro software over the holidays to bridge the gap. Some fun ways to get those warm fuzzy Christmas feelings without also getting a fever and loss of smell. 


  1. As much as everyone moans about writing them Christmas cards, everyone loves receiving them, don’t lie! So we’re proposing you send Captures instead of Christmas cards this year! Just copy the link to wherever you normally communicate with them, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, SMS. So much more personal than a generic cookie-cutter card and they get to see your big smiling face! Guaranteed to brighten someone’s day. 
  2. Do you make the best roast potatoes in town? Is your stuffing the highlight of the family’s Christmas day? Are your pigs in blankets best in class? Just because they can’t experience them in real life this year doesn’t mean they can’t have a stab at your recipe themselves! How about creating and completing a Solo Interview showing them how you do it step-by-step! 
  3. Carol singing with Producer! Hear me out… every family draws a different carol then you have a competition to see who can do it the best! I’m talking costumes, microphones, unique lyrics, dance routines and most importantly subtitles so the viewer actually knows what you’re attempting to sing. 
  4. No-one needs to miss the unwrapping of special presents. You can all be in the Live Room. With one click and no downloads required, even Granny could do it! It won’t be the same as really being there but seeing kids’ faces lighting up, even on video, is better than nothing! And you don’t have to miss out on the annual Buck’s Fizz dressing gown party at 10am either! 
  5. Back to Capture, this time for “Thank You” notes. Much more personal than just a message that you’ve copy and pasted and changed the present from “socks” to “chocolates”. Get the kids involved and get creative with it! Could be a fun Boxing Day activity, going through all the gifts again and recording your messages. 


We really didn’t expect to still be socialising on video at Christmas, but here we are. Let’s make the best of it, it’ll be a Christmas for the books for sure! We’re all a little sick of being on video but don’t forget that others who haven’t been on it for work, or maybe can’t have a bubble, seeing your face could lift their mood massively! 

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