50 things we learned at the Recruitment Agency Expo in London

  1. Ann Swain, Founder and CEO of APSCo told us strategy is out, plans are in. The last two years have taught us you can’t predict what’s going to happen. So why strategise. Have a goal. Then have Plan A, Plan B, Plan C and Plan D of how you’re going to get there. Plan A gets knocked out by a global pandemic, or the likes? Luckily you’ve got 3 more plans for getting to the goal that may well just fit the new circumstances. 
  2. The gyozas from the Olympia cafe were great.
  3. Drew Burkin from JobAdder taught us about RaaS and how recruitment agencies can act more like an extension of the business as an outsourced process for whichever bit they’re struggling with. Time to explore a less transactional fill role for a fee model and become more like a subscription service.
  4. The guys at Broadbean make a smashing cocktail. 
  5. Emily Jerman from Paiger will literally wear a cardboard box for her job. 
  6. Charlotte Doherty Co-founder of the Doherty Group taught us the importance of tech audits. 
  7. Sourcebreaker beer goes well with breakfast, lunch and dinner. 
  8. We were reminded the importance of letting our customers know when we’ve updated the platform, if we don’t they could be paying another provider for the same service. 
  9. Julia Kermode from IWORK told us what candidates really think of recruiters… eek! But she told us how to change those outdated opinions too, “it’s not rocket science!” It’s all about relationship building, they’re people, not products. 
  10. Olympia pigeons have no fear.
  11. Neville James and Jason Lawson from CloudCall taught us 3 things… Friends was first on-screen in 1994…
  12. That people will do anything you ask them to for a free bottle of prosecco…
  13. And that are more jobs being advertised in the UK just now than ever before. Wow.
  14. No one knows why Odro’s pens bend in half. (It’s because it folds into a phone rest) 
  15. Recruiters and those of us in the recruitment industry are brilliant people. We saw so much handshaking and friendly smiles between competitors. 
  16. The Indian under The Hand and Flower probably made more money on Tuesday the 8th of February than they do all year. And it was YUMMY! 
  17. Adam Pode, a Research Analyse from SIA shared findings from their COVID Playbook. Lessons learned that we can take forward. 
  18. Our very own Dougie Loan, CRO at Odro, reminded everyone who won the Calcutta Cup 2022…
  19. And used some fitting 6 nations and sporting analogies to explain the importance of a winning culture.
  20. Joshua Pines, VP of International Alliances at Bullhorn reminded us that candidates do want to work with recruitment agencies, but only if they can make the process more streamlined. 
  21. Sam from OneUp sales is a Wizard. 
  22. Edward Davenport, Co-founder of Shoot to Recruit was speaking our language when he showed us the importance of video thumbnails and lighting. 
  23. He also taught us about the importance of social media engagement when it comes to recruitment marketing and how “engagement pods” work. 
  24. The salt beef sandwiches in The Hand and Flower are great. 
  25. Everyone is super excited to see each other face-to-face! After over a year inside.
  26. We’re all feeling optimistic about the industry going into 2022, and know we’re going to have a good one. Lot’s of chat about hiring and implementing new tech. 
  27. The concept of “humanising the process again” came up quite a few times, we’re moving beyond numbers and money and more into forming relationships and real connections with clients and candidates. 
  28. Everyone is looking for ways to stand out to candidates.
  29. Videographers are more popular than ever and we can agree the content appearing on our LinkedIn timelines from the event looks sick! 
  30. No one in Team Odro knew what stand number we were at. (It was D40 despite the uncertainty) 
  31. A lot of work went into making sure the event ran smoothly, and it really did! Massive props to Louise Triance and the team! 
  32. Electric scooters are a fun way to get around the city. 
  33. People still recognise Giani and Ciara from our Line of Odro video. 
  34. There are lots of people going it alone and starting up their own firms. 
  35. Integrations were a huge talking point. People want their techs to talk to each other. 
  36. Any way to save a recruiter’s time is welcomed.
  37. Adam Dale from SourceBreaker told us we have to consider ROI and not make purchases to just solve the problem we have at that moment, think long term. 
  38. “Do the work once, and do it properly.”
  39. People have forgotten the blisters from our Active Recruiters event and are happy to sign up again for this year! 
  40. James Osborne, Chairman of The Recruitment Network, shared insights into what the most profitable, fastest-growing recruitment businesses are doing right now to outperform the market. 
  41. Odro users GAP Talent bought ring lights to make sure they really look their best in those Capture messages! And it’s working! They’re seeing massive results from sending video messages instead of text.
  42. Sean Anderson from Hoxo Media taught us about personal branding, definitely the best person to learn it from. There wasn’t a person in the room who didn’t recognise that silver hair! 
  43. Jak Allday from Mercury could talk the back legs off a donkey, and we love him for it.
  44. People will debate LinkedIn polls, good or bad, even in person!
  45. Ryan McCabe is a very popular man and everyone really missed him at the Expo!
  46. People will always ask us why we’re not wearing kilts. 
  47. Ben Carter from Bullhorn does all his networking and working in The Hand and Flower across the street and only occasionally checks in at the actual expo. 
  48. Nick Beecroft is back at Odro. 
  49. Hundreds of demos were booked and we’re going to see a shake-up of recruitment processes and tech in the coming months as a result of these chats. 
  50. Everyone’s buzzing to get back again soon!
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