89% of People Want to See MORE Videos

The latest Wyzowl report has been released and it shows that video is here to stay another day (or year, or ten - but most likely forever). The data shows that video can seriously sway decisions and help people learn about their brand - or in your case, agency. The best bit is that almost all consumers want more video content, and they want it NOW!  

Does it work though?

Video is convenient, engaging and influential and the demand is there. On top, it’s majorly beneficial for your agency. Out of all the participants:

  • 90% say video has given them a good ROI
  • 90% feel video has helped increase brand awareness
  • 87% claim video has helped them generate leads
  • 87% say video has directly increased sales
  • 91% of people have watched a video to learn more
  • 82% have bought a product or service as a result of video

This officially means if video isn’t working for you, you’re in the minority (and probably ain’t using it right)! Luckily, our users have our Customer Success Team on hand to help and inspire ideas, so you’re not alone!

All-time high usage

In the 2023 report, it reported record highs of 91% of businesses using video and this year it remains unchanged. So, technically, it’s still at an all time high. Plus, when consumers were asked how they would like to learn about a service, almost half prefer video. Just think of how effective this is when candidates are learning about a role or business, or when a client can have a CV brought to life.   

What can I use video for?

Of course, you’ll use Capture for candidate and client outreach, but there are so many more ways to create videos (even if you’re not an Odro customer). 48% of marketers have created a live-action video, making it the most commonly created type of video last year. Our team love just casually filming something off the cuff on their phone and seeing great engagement from it. Check out an example from Giani here >>

Video testimonials were the most popular single-use case for video marketing in the 2024 report, and it’s something you should be doing if you haven’t already. A great way to do this is with Solo Interviews. All you have to do is provide some questions, fire them to candidates or clients you’d like to hear back from and voila! You have all the content you need to create a testimonial video. Here’s one we had put together using a Solo Interview >>

To those not using video, WHY?

Lack of time is the biggest barrier for those not currently using video in their day-to-day. A third of people say they don’t have enough time. What if we told you that Capture and Vision actually give you back hours of your day?! And no, we’re not joking.

Out of the people who don’t use video:

  • 15% don’t know where to start
    • Luckily we have a team on hand to help and inspire, as well as a detailed Knowledge Base filled with articles on the how and why, as well as access to on-demand webinars.
  • 12% are unclear on the ROI of video
    • Just check out some of the ROI our clients have had recently >>
  • 10% feel they don’t need it in their strategy
    • Lucky them! But ask them again in a year or two 🤷‍♀️ We’re sure their answer will have changed

68% of people who don’t use video plan to start in 2024. That’s great news for the 89% of consumers who want to see more of it. Give the people what they want! Speak to the team about how you can benefit from our video sales messaging tool Capture, or video interviewing suite Vision!

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