A Guide to Recruitment Tech 2020, Let's Talk About Tech Baby

Let’s talk about tech baby, let’s talk about you and me. 

At the risk of sounding like Kanye (or Daft Punk, whichever floats your boat), with the right recruitment software consultants and agencies can be, better, faster, stronger. 

“Yes I know, every single spam marketing email for the past decade has told me that, pal.”, I hear you grunt. 

Subject line- If you don’t buy this software... “You WILL be left behind”... “You’ll be behind the curve”... “You’ll be consigned to oblivion”... “Dr Who will appear and blast you back to the dinosaurs with his magic screwdriver thing”. 

You’ve heard it. You want the facts. 

What do I actually need? What would be a nice-to-have? And why is this girl talking about Dr Who in 2020?

We are here to help, your guardians of the recruitment galaxy with our, Guide to Recruitment Tech 2020!

When it comes to selecting the best tech stack for you, you have to consider your priorities and goals and your tech should enable these. For example, are you striving for an unrivalled candidate experience? Do you want to do more work on a retained basis? Do you want to speed up your time to hire? 

At Odro we measure value in the 3Cs - Client, Candidate, Consultant. As every recruitment agency has different ways of working, different expertise and different goals, the percentage of value they put on each “C” will differ. You may have focused on your client relationships last year and got it down to a tee so this year you want to strengthen your communications with candidates. Or you could be looking to recruit new consultants. Whatever your situation you need USPs, ain’t no doubt about it. 

And here are our top 3 picks for 2020: 

Video Interviewing Software, well duh! You are on the Odro website after all. You didn’t think we were going to warm you up with some chat then pass you on to someone else, did you?! I am not the sexy French man from First Dates who gets you all buzzing for the main event. I am the main event. 

Bare with me, I swear there is more information that’s not video further down, but listen, I’ve got a job to do and 99% of that is to tell you how great Odro is so here goes. 

The happy coincidence is that it really, really is great. Making my job easy peasy lemon squeezy.

With Odro you get happy clients, because the agency does the video screening only the best candidates are sent through, no piles of CVs on their desks and no time spent trolling through them. Happy candidates because they don’t have to physically go to a first stage interview, no trying to get time off work for imaginary dentist appointments. Happy consultants because... well because filling jobs means filling your pockets.

Win, Win, Win. And that’s only a snippet. I bet we could give you 10 more benefits for every C but that’s for another day (challenge accepted).  

Now we have the obvious out of the way, on to the next one. It’s my old buddy, old pal… CRM! Candidate Relationship Management system, to you. Where an ATS gives you a pool of applicants and lets you track their journey, a CRM gives you an ocean of applicants, passive candidates, previous candidates and job seekers. Get a wider, better view of the talent out there and fill the position appropriately. 

CRM for recruitment also allows you to manage and analyse all engagement with the candidate (R for Relationship, see what they did there?). Get better insights and a 360 view of candidates, allowing you to make better predictions and manage client expectations.      

Right now ATS is the more widely used, but analysts believe that soon 70-80% of the recruiting process will be handled by the CRM! 

We all love to save time and with Sourcing Technologies, such as Broadbean and SourceBreakers, you’ll save so much time you won’t know what to do with it. Multi-post and broadly distribute jobs in a single click, and search all your job boards and CV databases for candidates from the one interface. AI matching automation technology finds you the best talent first, keeping you ahead in a highly competitive market. Matching and robotic automation platform seamlessly integrates with CRM, ATS and other databases, improving candidate pools by over 200% and identifying vacancies that match candidate profiles.

Even though recruiters all have different goals and priorities, I think we can all agree we want happy candidates and clients. And we all want to save time, save money and be ahead of the competition. Feel free to mix and match segments of those sentences to create your own spammy subject line! 

I won’t lie to you, I’m well versed in the tech world but I’m new to the recruitment world. This exercise was as much a learning expedition for me as it was a well informed (and totally not at all just for SEO reasons) guide/masterpiece for you. Thank you for reading. And no, sorry, there is no answer to why I was referencing Dr Who in 2020. 

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