Active Recruiters 2021 - Jenny from the Blog's Story

In case you missed it, last week team Odro launched Active Recruiters 2021! And in case you were under a rock and missed it, last year Active Recruiters is our virtual event where we challenge ourselves, and the recruitment industry as a whole to get out and run (or cycle) for a good cause! Last year we had over 300 people take part worldwide and raised over £8,000 for Teenage Cancer Trust. This year our chosen charity is MacMillan Cancer Support. And this time it’s personal for our resident content writer, Jenny from the Blog (that’s me!)

I lost my Dad to cancer in November 2018. My Mum, my older sister and I’s worlds were completely and utterly turned upside down. When you lose a parent genuinely nothing in life will be the same ever again. There’s a gut-wrenching pain when you look back at what you had and an equally upsetting feeling when you look forward and know someone will be missing from every single milestone from now on. For me, my Dad was one of my best friends with whom I shared mutual friends and regularly socialised. We were always popping in for “one pint” in the local when taking the dog out for a walk on a Sunday or having living room discos to GBX and cheesy pop hits. Pretty suddenly all of that was gone.  

But I was so lucky to have had that relationship, some people’s parents are just their parent’s, mine were always my friends. I remember hearing the saying shortly after Dad passed that you die twice; once when you actually die and then again the last time anyone ever mentions your name. My Dad was so alive. So I’m sure as hell not going to let it happen twice. I can keep the memory of my Dad alive by honouring him in every way possible. 

2020, and again everyone’s worlds are turned upside down. My Mum, a staff nurse, was working 12-hour shifts in a COVID ward (she’s since retired woo-woo). My sister was living in London with her fiance, seeing her dreams of moving back to Glasgow, and her wedding, quickly getting pushed further back with every restriction and lockdown. And there was me! Just started a new job at Odro, living in a one-bed flat by myself. But strangely, and much to everyone’s surprise, I was doing really well! I think the lockdown was the time I needed to slow down and concentrate on what was important to me and figure out my strengths and weaknesses. And I only went and took up running with the help of Team Odro!

2021, it’s time to honour my Dad after the absolute madness that followed his passing. I’ve decided to do the Half Marathon. Let’s raise as much money as possible for MacMillan Cancer Support. Let’s help them help people like my Dad who was dealt the short straw. And those who are left dealing with the repercussions. And let’s do it all with a big smile on our faces as we celebrate the memory of those who can’t be with us today because I guarantee they’ll be smiling down on us. Especially when I’m crawling over that finish line towards my Mum to get that glass of prosecco! 

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