Active Recruiters July 10th 2020, You In? Half Marathon or 10k?

Our Active Recruiters group on Strava has been brilliant at giving us that extra bit of motivation to get out and exercise and also keeping us connected during this time, helping us to get to know each other better too. Plus, who doesn’t love a bit of friendly rivalry and competition?! So, if you’re part of the industry and haven’t joined yet then, go on, get involved. Especially now that we’re turning it into a nationwide event (with your help of course!). 

The idea is we’ll all get together on the same date across the country to run a course of our choosing, either a 10k or half marathon for the bravest amongst us. Why? Well just for the fun of it and because we can really. And hopefully to raise a bit of money via sponsorship too. Not convinced yet? Well, there’s an Active Recruiter pack involved that’ll be sent to all joiners in advance of the big day. Interest piqued? Then read on….  

10K & Half Marathon Challenge

With all planned group running events cancelled we decided to create our own. Time to put all that training to good use… Or you could just walk it. No matter your fitness levels, let’s get together and take some time out on Friday 10th July.  Socially distanced of course. 

At the time of publication, our group has 127 members. If we can get 100 runners to take part we could raise a substantial amount of money for our chosen charity - Teenage Cancer Trust as we’re suggesting a £25 sponsorship per person to take part, if you can. And we’ll have a lot of fun doing it! Cause for this one, it’s not about the winning, it’s all about the taking part. So whether you’re channelling your inner Usain Bolt and are dabbing in anticipation already or you’re planning to walk around your course dressed as a fairy, with a wine-filled water bottle, everyone is welcome! 

Follow these 5 simple steps to get involved - 

Step 1

If you’ve not already joined the group then, join here - 

Then choose your challenge and sign up:

  • Active Recruiters 10k 
  • Active Recruiters ½ Marathon 

Step 2

Email - with your name and address so we can send you an Active Recruiters running pack. And please don’t worry, your details will not be stored or used for anything else, it’s just so we can send you your number, safety pins and wristband in advance of the big day.  

Step 3

If you can, get your friends and family to sponsor you for your efforts. We’re thinking £25 per person would be a great result but every little helps if you can’t manage that. Donations here >>

Step 4

Share on social, we’ll email you back an image for this at step 2 once we receive your email. 

Step 5

Get training, prep your route and save a space in your diary to take part on July 10th. Strava will do the hard work for us and will calculate everyone’s times and distances. Fingers crossed for the good weather! 


Run, recruiters, run! 

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