Adios Admin: How to Get Rid of Mundane Tasks to Make the Most of Your Time

“Admin is the highlight of my day”, said no recruiter ever. So, let’s get rid of it. Well, most of it anyway. On average, recruiters can spend up to half their day completing admin. From screening and formatting CVs, arranging interviews, updating your CRM and - you get it, you’re the one doing it every day. So, if you feel like you’re constantly drowning in a sea of admin, we have a life raft just for you.

Pitching Candidates

Is there anything worse than spending ages typing out an email to your clients and attaching multiple CVs and cover letters, only for it to be brushed over or worse, not opened? Then think of the time spent trying to reach them. Nobody enjoys chasing a client that’s gone AWOL, the same way they don’t like being chased. Hiredeck takes away the admin time here, because instead of typing out that email and adding attachments, it does it for you with all the information straight from your CRM. It’ll even use AI to type up your candidate summaries and client emails!

Screening and Formatting CVs

Our candidate submission portal, Hiredeck, recently introduced a CV parser. It works super quickly and can format even the most complex CVs into a work of art! The time you spend manually formatting CVs means you could be losing out on finding more candidates and clients, giving your billings a bashing. 

Dirty Data

Keeping your data clean is key to saving time when recruiting. If you’re a bit relaxed about updating your data and then noticing it’s out of date when you’re ready to spec, this is a total waste of your time when it could be avoided completely. It’s frustrating when you have multiple systems to keep updated, but again with Hiredeck, any updates you make sync back to your CRM keeping everything spick and span! ✨

You’d much rather spend 100% of your time keeping your candidates and clients happy, so why continue with mundane tasks biting into that time when Hiredeck can take care of it for you? Sign up for a free trial and start the stopwatch, you won’t believe how much time it’ll save you!

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