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Been let go? What next? Don't get bitter, get better!

As we continue to see the light at the end of the pandemic, we’ve started to feel some of the expected negative repercussions. The dreaded “C”...
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Want LinkedIn fame? How to Master Video on LinkedIn

Be yourself Video content is brilliant for building your personal brand as well as your company brand. “People buy from people” may seem like a cliché,...
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Building a Brand that Attracts Brilliant Candidates

Why should you care? You already have an employer brand, whether you've made an attempt to or not, would you not rather you actively created a...
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Producer™ - Odro’s Industry-Leading Video Engagement Tool

Video software specialist Odro has released a new feature this week which gives recruiters the power to create their own professionally edited, visually engaging content, in...
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Active Recruiters 2020 - a little note from us!

By the end of May, Team Odro was well and truly settled into what has been dubbed the “new normal”. We were doing well proving our...
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Jason Fox visits Odro to share some motivation!

It’s 14th May 2020, we’re on our 9th week of running the Odro operations from the safety of our own homes, and today is a special...
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