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Is it COVID or something else? Don't panic, DON'T PANIC

We’ve all coughed and thought… “Oh no, this is it, I’ve contracted the virus.” With the words “Covid”, “Corona”, and “Pandemic” plastered everywhere we look for...
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Insights from the New Normal of WFH and PPE

I had been in the Odro office for six weeks before the pandemic hit and we are now starting our sixth week of working from home....
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Things We Should Keep Doing Post COVID-19

These past few weeks have been unlike anything we’ve ever experienced before. Everyone is worried about their health, and not just their own, their friends and...
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Jenny from the Blog’s Covid-19 Chaos Advice

I can’t tell you how to survive the new normal as I’m just a mere mortal like yourself, but I can tell you how I’ve done...
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Just Because You’re in Quarantine Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Go Viral

Everyone is talking about the Coronavirus. You’ve heard the scary facts, horror stories and you’re either panicking, talking about how it’s been blown out of proportion...
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Preparing for a Video Interview, We'll Still Be Video Interviewing Post-Covid

Video interviewing isn’t new. Far from it, in fact. Hiring managers and recruitment agents alike have been using tools like this for years now. However, our...
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