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February 2022, what's going on with the UK job market?

The hiring market, in general, tends to move in waves and the power shifts between employers and job seekers all the time. The pandemic has turned...
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How to review your tech stack 2022, and why you need to

What is a tech stack?  Your tech stack consists of any tool, platform or software that your company uses to either aid the service or product...
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50 things we learned at the Recruitment Agency Expo in London

Ann Swain, Founder and CEO of APSCo told us strategy is out, plans are in. The last two years have taught us you can’t predict what’s...
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What does LinkedIn's Global Talent Trends 2022 report tell us?

If you’ve been in the business of hiring and firing for the past few years then it’s likely the following words will be of very little...
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How do I prepare my candidates for solo interview?

Solo, or asynchronous, interviews are becoming increasingly popular when filling roles that attract a high volume of applicants. It’s just not possible to have a conversation...
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Asynchronous interviews... Get the best talent quickly

Solo interviews, one of Odro’s first features and one that tends to be Marmite (Veggiemite to our friends down under). When it comes to seeing the...
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