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Say Hello to Hiredeck Pro

After months in the making, Hiredeck Pro is now available! You'll be able to enjoy all the features Hiredeck Freemium has to offer, but with added...
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What's New at Odro >>>

Always be innovative. That’s what we tell our customers.  But what are we doing? We never want to be those guys who “talk the talk” but...
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It’s Time To Switch Up Your Interview Questions

Interview questions are an important factor to consider when your aim is to create a positive candidate experience. If candidates are in high demand and are...
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How to Humanise One-Way Interviews

Many Odro users are huge fans of Solo Interviews, and although our mission is to Humanise the Hiring Experience at Scale, it turns out that one-way...
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71% Of Candidates Consider Returning To Previous Employer

Move over “The Great Resignation”. Recent studies show that the new trend in recruitment is “The Great Regret” which somehow sounds even worse. We did an...
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Take Counter Offers Off The Counter

Just when you think you’ve had a hard enough time finding the perfect candidate and are about to pop that bottle to celebrate - BAM! A...
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