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There is a barrier of confusion between being social media savvy and being digital savvy, the two work together but can be very different to each other and there is a gap in the UK according to recent research by Go On UK.  23% of UK adults don’t have the digital skills needed to move forward in a world bursting with technological innovation – that is more than 12 million people and could have an impact on our ability to compete with other nations who are above and beyond with their digital skills putting Britain at a disadvantage.


 We aren’t even talking high end techy stuff.  “One in five people are unable to do simple things like send a Facebook message, apply for a job online, pay bills with an app, or even check what day the bins are collected on their local council website,” reads a presser from the digital skills development charity.

In order to be a player in the global digital economy, this is something that the UK has to address sooner rather than later.  Digital fluency is becoming mandatory for businesses in order to be leaders in their field.  74% of companies in science, engineering or tech expect a higher demand for skilled labour in coming years, but only 55% of firms believe they will be able to fill those roles, according to CBI research.

If companies want to stay ahead of the game digitally, they need to remain engaged with the up coming generations who are more tech savvy and they have to rethink their recruitment processes that will widen their scope to include more digital tools including video, mobile hiring and online channels such as Linked In and be as forward facing as possible showing potential candidates that you are digitally ready to take the next step in this competitive market.

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