Why Gen-Z Love Ghosting You!

Navigating the recruitment landscape is akin to living in a perpetual Halloween for employers, with ghosts—albeit invisible—lurking at every corner. The pervasive practice of "ghosting" in...
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Flexible Working - It's No Longer a Perk, It’s the Law

The way we work has changed significantly over the last few years. Now, UK workers are set to have more say in their working patterns than...
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Creating A Successful Prospecting Strategy

Recruiters are basically matchmakers who set up great talent with their dream employer. But you have targets to meet, and this is why you also need...
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Humanise Your Hiring Process at Scale with Video Tech

One of the biggest challenges in recruitment right now is the lack of candidate availability. The candidate landscape is more competitive than ever and we’re seeing...
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Passive Candidates, Why You Need Them and How To Recruit Them

In a talent-short market, candidates have the power. They’re unlikely to want to go through lengthy application processes when they’re content where they are. There’s also...
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June 2022, What’s Going On With the UK Job Market?

We started writing monthly UK job market round-ups in October 2021. The furlough scheme brought in to compensate workers who couldn’t work due to covid lockdowns...
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