B2B Video Stats and What They Mean for Odro Users

If you’ve not noticed the significance video has played in the year 2020 then you must have been living under a rock. There’s probably not a single person who’s personal and/or work lives weren’t made a little easier, and more enjoyable, thanks to video software. So it’s no surprise that people’s attitudes towards appearing on videos and watching videos have shifted. 

“New analysis makes it clear: Both B2B buyers and sellers prefer the new digital reality” - McKinsey & Company 2020. 

We can shout about how this analysis is great for recruitment agencies using Odro all day, every day but there’s no good in that without actually explaining why. So without further ado, here’s what the findings from the study mean for you - 

  • 75%+ of B2B decision-makers now prefer remote human engagement versus face to face. 
  • 76% prefer video to phone for meeting prospects.

Hiring managers and potential clients want to meet with you on video. Odro’s meeting rooms allow for no download, one-click video conferencing in seconds. Don’t waste your time and money going to visit them in person when new research proves they’d rather see you on video anyway. Maybe they don’t want to splash out for the coffees but most likely, they’d just rather you spend the time you would have done traveling finding them some top talent. 

  • Ecommerce and video now account for 43% of all B2B revenue. 
  • 70% of B2B decision-makers say they are open to making new, fully self-serve or remote purchases in excess of $50,000.

As well as the meeting rooms for live chat, Odro customers have Capture™ - our video business development tool. Record personalised HD video messages and send them straight to your potential clients’ and candidates' inboxes in less than 30 seconds! These stats prove video is being used for business development and it’s working. Plus, people aren’t reluctant to sign on the dotted line without physically looking someone in the eye and shaking their hand anymore (shaking hands was always asking for germ spreading in hindsight). 

  • Revenue generated from video-related interactions has increased by 69% since April 2020. 

And this is where Odro newcomer, Producer™, swaggers in. Odro Producer™ empowers Odro users with their very own video editing suite. Create eye-catching, professionally edited video content quickly and easily, ready to share in a matter of minutes. Showcase your worth on social media and build a pipeline from your interactions. 

And lastly,

  • 75% of B2B decision-makers believe their company’s post-pandemic sales model is as, or more, effective than it was before COVID-19. 

This is not a short term shift. These developments in video software are here for good. If you didn’t have specialist video tech before, you were a slow adopter. If you don’t have video in your business for 2021, stats suggest you may just be in trouble

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