Do you experience the fear of your business getting left behind? The thought that everyone else is using the latest tech tools while you’re completely oblivious is enough to send shivers down your spine. No one wants to think that they’re out of touch – whether that means failing to keep up with your industry or suddenly finding teenagers completely incomprehensible. At Odro, we want to help you stay in touch with the world of recruitment so you don’t end up like the embarrassing old guy at a party full of 20-somethings. Video interviews are a powerful recruitment tool, and we’re going to show you why you should use them.

Offer Something Unique to Clients

Everyone thinks that their brand has something different to offer. You’re convinced that you have a unique value to offer clients that makes your brand stand out – and that’s probably true. At least, to an extent. If you really want to stand out from the crowd, you should always be looking for new ways to differentiate your brand.

Video interviews will do just that, putting your brand on another plane with recruitment tech. While other agencies are stuck in the past with CVs alone, you gain more insight into what candidates can offer through video interviews. Clients will look at your brand and see a company that’s modern and forward-thinking, with the latest, effective recruitment tools.

Convert Contingent Roles to Retained Assignments

By offering recorded video interviews to your clients, you can take away the first stage interview. Consulting with the client about the questions they ask, and what they look for in a first stage interviewee, can allow you to give true value in the recording. Enough value to replace that stage for your client, and save weeks from the hiring process. By offering this amount of value, it’s common for Odro users to ask for a different fee structure on this process, retaining your services in return for huge value.

Shorten the Hiring Process

The recruitment process can drag on and on. No one wants to deal with a hiring round that feels like the 12 Labours of Hercules, but too many include a number of stages, from creating a shortlist of CVs to potentially two or three interview rounds. Using video interviews gives you the opportunity to shorten the recruitment process, avoiding wasted time on long email threads, coordinating interview panels and finding the perfect dates for interviews. By sharing an interview recording with everyone in the hiring process, they can review this in their own time – without having to be together. Video interviews make it easier to get in touch with a candidate face-to-face. Why commit to several first stage interviews that go nowhere? Watch the recording first, then decide if it’s worth bringing them in for a face to face.

Get More Control

Everyone likes to be in control, even if they pretend they don’t. You need to have control over the recruitment process if you want to maximise your return. Using Odro for video interviews means you and your clients can review candidates more thoroughly. You can present your shortlist in one package and it’s easy to comment and provide feedback on each candidate. Those selected for in-person interviews after video interviewing are deemed suitable by the client in over 70% of cases. Not only does this give you more control, but it also gives you several weeks more than your competitors to fill the gaps – as they won’t know who’s unsuccessful for another few weeks.

Offer a Fairer Hiring Process

A study from the Dutch Kurt Lewis Institute has suggested that using video interviews could help to reduce unconscious bias and make the hiring process fairer for all. Minority applicants felt that with video interviewing, they could give more open and personal responses to questions, while staying professional and not oversharing. Single-person recordings, especially, allow them to do this because they aren’t speaking directly to another person. If you want to create a diverse hiring policy, video interviewing can help you do it.

Source the Best Talent from Anywhere

Business is becoming more connected, but at the same time more global. Tech makes it easier than ever to connect with people, no matter where they are in the world. This makes the recruitment process a lot easier for both recruiters and candidates. There’s no need for candidates to travel for an interview that might come to nothing. Companies that don’t have the best facilities for interviews don’t need to spend time scoping out which Starbucks they can use or spend money on hiring rooms. They can set up an interview much more quickly and carry it out where it’s most convenient.

Incorporate video interviews in your recruitment process and benefit from cutting edge technology.

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