Building a Brand that Attracts Brilliant Candidates

Why should you care?

You already have an employer brand, whether you've made an attempt to or not, would you not rather you actively created a good one? Plain and simple, if you look like a fun, rewarding and exciting place to work, you'll get the best people willing to leave where they are and applying to work for you.

What type of people do you want to attract?

Think of the perfect person to complete your team, what characteristics does this person have? Spend some time considering what your company values are. These can be hard to nail down but once you have it'll be clearer. Think about how you can engineer some interview scenarios and questions to discover if the candidate's values match.

Where are they and what do they want?

What platforms are they on, how and when are they using them? We know who we want, now we need to make sure they know who we are. How do we do that? Send them and show them stuff they'll like! Create useful, inspiring, entertaining content that will catch their attention.

Remember candidates are just people

And lucky for you, you know some people who already work for you! Find out what attracted them to you, ask them for their honest feedback on your employer brand and hiring process. You might be surprised about the smallest things that made people decide they wanted to work with you.

Show, don't tell

Career acceleration? Show it. Earning potential? Prove it. Job satisfaction? Evidence please. There's more to this than just a photo of everyone smiling at the Christmas party, you have to show your success stories. Create content that shows your culture is important too.

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