Why You Should Provide Candidate Aftercare (Even If They Get The Job!)

You’ve bought a plant to fill that empty little nook in your home and now everything looks finished. Job’s a good’un! Except you forgot all about it and now it’s looking a bit worse for wear. Why? Because you forgot about the most crucial step, aftercare. A little bit of water here, and a bit of sunlight there would have saved it but you were too busy and now there’s no going back…

This is no different in the recruitment landscape. Candidate aftercare is an integral part of the recruiting pipeline but is a stage that’s often overlooked. Once you have your candidate placed, it’s not over yet - keep building that relationship with them. If you don’t keep in touch, candidates have no reason to have any loyalty to you as a recruiter.

Job searching or starting a new job is a daunting time for most people and as their recruiter, there’s loads of value if you’re their support system. Understanding what they’re going through, offering advice and genuinely wanting them to succeed adds to the experience for both you and your candidate.

You might be thinking, “but my job is done! They got the position” but you probably know how it feels to be ghosted by candidates, and as grim as it is, let’s not do it back to them. 

How can aftercare benefit you as a recruiter?

Keeping in touch with your candidate builds a stronger rapport which can help you in many different ways. A year or two down the line, the candidate might be ready to move on to bigger and better things (with a potential higher fee) and who they gonna call? Ghostbusters? No. You! Want to impress your boss with a glowing review for the company? You’re more likely to get that by providing aftercare. You might even get a few referrals if they have friends looking for positions. 

Here are a few opportunities to get in touch after placing a candidate:

  • Good luck on your first day: Don’t be offended if they don’t get back to you straight away (or even at all - you know what first-day jitters are like) but this is a great chance to show the candidate you’re thinking about them.
  • Post-start check-in (around 4-6 weeks): Your candidate should have hopefully settled in so now’s a great time to get in touch and discuss how they’re getting on.
  • Request a review: If you have a good relationship with your candidate why not ask them to leave your company a review?
  • Happy Birthday: Not everything has to be job-related, a simple Happy Birthday message allows you to keep the communication door open without hounding them.
  • Happy work anniversary: Same as above, even though a year has passed since you placed them, you’re still rooting for them! 
  • Referral videos: Maybe the candidate has some friends or family looking for a job. You can always reach out to let them know their friends can get in touch to see if you have anything suitable for them.
  • Availability check for temp workers: If your candidate is working temp contracts, you can let them know that you’re keeping an eye out for upcoming work and it never hurts to ask for availability for any upcoming vacancies.

How can Odro help?

You can provide amazing aftercare via email, texts, and phone calls. We might be biased, but we think video is best! Video sales messaging leaves an impression and can even save you time. You can record your video touchpoints and keep them generic and send the one video out to multiple clients whenever they reach the milestones. They won’t have a clue that it’s a generic video either, with Quickfire you can edit it to include their name/title in the message. 

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