Capture 2.0 is Here! Free Upgrade for All Users

May 10th is the launch date for our biggest innovation in recent Odro history. We’ve completely revamped and upgraded our video messaging tool, Capture. And the best bit? We’re giving it away to all our users for free. 

What actually is Capture?

Capture, originally launched in 2018, aids business development and relationship building in recruitment. A video message rather than text alone helps our customers to stand out against the competition in a busy market when looking for both candidates and clients. Capture has been our customers' favourite feature ever since. 

Blurred backgrounds 

Here by popular demand! Odro customers can wave goodbye to finding a tidy area in their kitchen to send a video message to a candidate. Office commotion while trying to send a message to a potential client? Blur it out. Game-changing. 


Capture 2.0 can instantly duplicate video messages. Meaning users can record a generic message, copy it, change the thumbnail, update the caption and send it to someone else. This slashes the time spent creating and recording videos. Personalised video messaging at scale. 


Attach CVs and supporting documents to the video message, up to five documents can now be attached. Add job descriptions, related articles, whitepapers or infographics to explain your process in further detail. The more valuable content a recruiter can provide a candidate, the more memorable they’ll be. Showing the candidate commitment to placing them is essential to abolishing the negative reputation surrounding recruitment.  

Request a callback button

Capture is already proving it dramatically improves response rates versus traditional cold calling, InMail and email outreach. This new feature will ramp things up a gear. It’s easier than ever for the recipient to book a time to discuss further if they’re interested. 


Customers can now personalise their Capture messages with their own company colours and logo. Even more impressive and eye-catching than before. It’s easier than ever to produce video content with a professional touch.

What are you waiting for?

All these upgrades are on top of our existing world-class features such as dual-screen recording, instant notifications and x-ray analytics. This is our most exciting development ever and we cannot wait to launch. Capture will help you cut through the noise.

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