Odro Capture

Capture your potential clients' and candidates' attention by sending highly converting personalised video messages straight to their inbox in less than 30 seconds!


Record Personalised Videos!

Record personalised HD video messages straight into your potential clients' / candidates' inboxes in less than 30 seconds! Quicker and more engaging than cold calling!

Be Instantly Notified When Captures Are Opened!

Receive instant notifications when clients or candidates open your Capture messages, giving you the perfect opportunity to know when to follow up with them.

450% Improved Engagement Rates

Drastically increase open rates compared to cold calling. Average figures show that you are 4.5x more likely to get engagement from sending a Capture compared to anything else.

Take Your Marketing To Another Level.

Easily install tracking pixels to build highly targeted marketing campaigns to clients / candidates who view your Capture videos! Ensure you and your jobs are being seen by hot leads!

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