How Much Time It Should Really Take To Submit Candidates

Hundreds of recruiters using Hiredeck are probably using it because of the amount of time it saves when submitting candidates. We’ve said Hiredeck and Specdeck can...
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Capture Backgrounds are Here!

We have an announcement, and it’s one a lot of you have been waiting for. Drum roll please… 🥁🥁🥁 You can now change your background on...
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Have A Spexy Summer

This Summer is all about sun, sea and spex… Last week we wrote about keeping your candidates warm over the Summer, but you also don’t want...
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Don’t Let Your Candidate Outreach Sink Over Summer

It might not feel like it (depending on where you are), but Summer is here. This time of year - much like Christmas - is known...
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Human Error in Tech: The Biggest Screen Share Fails

Online meetings are great for so many reasons. Whether you use Zoom or our online interview platform, Vision, you’ll agree they save time, money and provide...
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Candidates Concerned About the Future of AI Interviews

There’s been a huge buzz around how AI can help recruiters hire faster and streamline their processes, but has it gone too far? It’s something to...
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