Are Human Attention Spans Shorter Than A Goldfish? Scientists Think So!

Gone are the days when you could say someone having the memory or attention span of a goldfish as an insult. Now, it’s the total norm!...
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Stats to Help You Hire Better

The best recruiters love research and data - or at least pretend to love research and data. For the latter, we’ve compiled some of the key...
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How To Keep Tabs on Talent (Without Putting Them Off)

Ah, recruitment. Forever a catch-22. On one hand, you want to keep tabs on candidates to make sure they’re still interested and engaged in the process....
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Some of The Most Creative Job Ads

We’re feeling nostalgic and ended up reflecting on how much recruitment has changed through the years. Did people really just open the newspapers and circle job...
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A Slow Start To 2023 - The Latest UK Report On Jobs

video sales messaging technology
The first report of the year isn’t all great news, but it’s nothing we didn’t see coming. If you’ve had a look at the latest KPMG...
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Recruitment Trends To Be Ready For In 2023

New Year. Same problems 🎉 Although one can dream, the struggles in the world of recruitment haven’t vanished over the Christmas break - even if the...
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