Going The Extra Mile With Odro

We’re always on about how Odro can make you stand out and how to add value to your hiring process, but today we’re going to talk...
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Stand By Your Brand - Why Branding Matters When Hiring

video recruitment software - branding pic
Branding is one of the first things your clients and candidates will notice (and google 👀) when you reach out, so it should be top-notch to...
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You’ve Got Some Nerve…How to Support Nervous or Anxious Candidates

If you’re reading this, you have lived through a hell of a lot of life-changing events. Most of these events have been out of our hands...
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How To Use Odro To Speed Up Your Hiring Process

In recruitment, time is of the essence. Taking too long to fill roles can cost a pretty penny and add a lot of stress and frustration...
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Why Candidates See "Workplace Families" As A Red Flag 🚩

We are family 🎵 If you heard this in an interview, what would your reaction be? You might envision having to work with that weird cousin...
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How To Provide Clear Feedback Via Video

Getting feedback over video or on the phone can feel a bit daunting. You might not be able to communicate as clearly, or the recipient might...
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