Don’t Let Your Candidate Outreach Sink Over Summer

It might not feel like it (depending on where you are), but Summer is here. This time of year - much like Christmas - is known for declining job searches. Whether it’s people sunning it up abroad, taking on extra responsibilities during school summer holidays or just spending their spare time soaking up the rays in their garden, looking for new jobs isn’t a top priority for many people.

But, this doesn’t mean you can’t use this time to plan ahead or start a soft approach to outreach. The key thing is, don’t let them forget about you! 

If you have any vacancies, get them out there! 

It might be harder to find candidates over the Summer, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t curious about what’s out there. If you have some open vacancies you’re working on, make sure you’re getting them out there! A great way to do this is to record a short video of you chatting through the role and posting on LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram - wherever they may be, which many of our customers do. Another great way is recording a Capture and adding it to emails being sent from your database. 

One of our customers sent an email blast to 178 candidates. 61% viewed the video and 21% responded. That’s not bad for a quick video that only took them a minute to record!

Just because others are on a break doesn’t mean you are. So find engaging ways to share your vacancies and have a little fun with it! 

Not many vacancies? No problem!

If you don’t have enough vacancies to keep you posting regularly, this isn’t an excuse! If you don’t post, your LinkedIn profile will look as bare as winter trees. Keep on creating content whether it’s articles, posts about your weekend plans. Even re-share content you relate to or share fun videos like a bloopers reel. It’s great for engagement and for showing the real you. Here’s a great example of our Customer Success Director Amanda sharing hers! >>>

Be on top of it 🔝

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” yada yada. If you have a few candidates on your hit list, schedule time in your calendar for check-ins. Just leaving them without any contact for months is a sure way to get them to forget about you. And we can’t have that, can we? If you don’t hear back from them, schedule another check-in and let them know you’ll be back in touch at the end of Summer to see if their situation has changed. Getting in touch a couple of times with a personalised message or Capture demonstrates to them that they’re not just a number.

It’s not just candidates who need a little warmth over Summer. So next week we’ll cover easy ways to keep your clients engaged and happy all whilst saving time so you can have a relaxing summer yourself 🌞

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