Don’t Make Your Use of AI a f-AI-lure

There’s a lot to be said about AI. Some see it as a game-changer when it comes to saving time. Plus it can reduce time spent on mundane or monotonous tasks. Others see it as a threat and are convinced that within its little robot brain is a desire to steal your job. 

Although AI was created by humans, it lacks humanity. It’s obvious when it’s being used when it’s not being used right, and I hold my hands up that I learned that the hard way. Last week in a fluster before finishing up for holiday, I had an idea. Let’s use ChatGPT to help me speed up a few tasks. Upon my return, my boss and I had a laugh about it because she could instantly tell I’d relied too heavily on our good ol’ friend ChatGPT without adding my personal touch (or occasional typo and emoji) 🌚

A common misconception about using ChatGPT or any AI-based product is that it’s lazy and is about cutting corners. And although it can be used for that in high-stress situations or when you’re facing tight deadlines, there’s no shame in using it to work more efficiently and bring in a little extra help. That being said, don’t fully rely on it cause it lacks one key ingredient - you. 

So without further ado, here are a few hint and tips to keep in mind when you’re working with AI 👇

Get inspired 

When you’re feeling a bit stuck or have a creative block, ChatGPT is a great tool for some inspiration. Whether it’s for a subject line for an email (or a Capture video message), to help you with a social post, a job description or ad, or for new ways to attract candidates, the trusty AI tool will give you a list of answers. So go get creative! 

Tip💡Don’t just copy and paste the first answer. Have a look at your options and combine the best!

These words are my own 🎶

Once you get your responses on ChatGPT, make sure to edit and add your own personal twist. Unless you yourself are a robot, it’s highly unlikely that AI is going to form something that sounds remotely like you. Edit your responses to add in that human touch and add in your own chat (even if it’s not great)...

Tip💡Use AI for structure and boring tasks, but use your humanity to help you build connections.

Own it!

There’s no shame in using AI, so don’t hide it. It doesn’t make you lazy or a bad worker. What’s that saying? Work smarter not harder! Don’t pretend you’re not using ChatGPT to get work done quicker and take all the credit or else you’ll hurt the robot’s feelings. And we all know what could happen if you make them angry 👀

AI is your friend and that’s why we’re starting to introduce it to our products. Our candidate submission portal, Hiredeck, is integrated with ChatGPT for AI-generated candidate summaries. It generates a candidate profile based on the info stored in your CRM. Then you can just edit, as needed, from there. Genius right?! A time saving feature that helps recruiters represent their candidates in the best way possible. What’s not to love?

The rise of AI is only just beginning. Where will it take us next?

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