Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I just use Skype?

Seriously? You haven’t seen a demo if you’re asking this question. Our system can facilitate Live calls like Skype that can be recorded with one click, but it’s also capable of one way interviewing. Questions can be displayed on the candidates screen that they answer on video. This video is then sent to you to review before sending to your clients on a one click shortlist. This shortlist has advanced analytics on client views, as well as co-branding. Book a demo to see the system for yourself.

Does Odro work on mobiles without an app? No one else does.

Yes. For your candidate to complete an interview on their mobile/cell phone, all they need is to click the link you send them. One click and they will be online with you. No third party apps, no log in, no passwords. By making it so easy, adoption increases amongst your consultants and candidates – meaning that your ROI multiplies.

How can this win me more retained business?

As an agency, you need to understand exactly what you can offer your clients to be more valuable than your competitors. If this value is not easily demonstrated, you will not win the business. By offering the Odro process as an added value option, your clients will see the value in restructuring your fee to ensure they save wasted time throughout the process.

We’ve tried video before and it didn’t work.

OK, not a question but let’s run with it. It’s tough for our team to watch other businesses ruin the idea of video for everyone because of poor technology or poor integration processes. Our technology has been designed to increase adoption; if more people use it in your teams, you will see more ROI. All video technology was not created equal. We have over 60 clients that said this exact statement (as of October 2018). Let us explain to you how we transformed their team’s idea of what video technology could be, and how it has made huge returns on their small investment.

How much is it?

We can’t answer that until we know: How many people will be using the system, and how many solo interviews you would use every month. Once we have had a chat and gathered that information, we can give you an accurate price. However our average ROI (as of October 2018) is over 700%, so we’re confident you’ll make it back very quickly!

Is this white labelled? Like, could I sell it as my own technology and charge a subscription?

Yes. We have clients that offer this to their clients as a stand alone service, or a service that includes CV sifting, video interviewing and shortlisting. We support you doing this by giving you the option to brand the system further with your clients logo too. The only thing we don’t allow is for you to sell the service to another recruitment agency.