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Whether you like it or not, meetings are here to stay, obviously we prefer them to be online, but either way we need them and more often than not you end up with a crazy mix of people in the one room with those hidden personality traits almost always making an appearance, in fact there is every chance that you ARE one of these people (sorry!).  here are the five people you are highly likely to come across in every meeting and how to handle them.

Crazy creative.  Every office has (and needs) one of these people.  They love to put creative processes into place and can be really excitable at times about ideas they may have read online somewhere or seen some cool NY brand doing.  The best way to manage them is give them a task. Offer them the details of the meeting beforehand and ask them to bring a plan to help develop their creative ideas.  It helps keep structure and leads the way to a seamless meeting without diversions.

I’m in charge!  How do you appease that person who always wants to be in charge with out dampening their spirit, which holds so much value?  The chances are, this person wants to show their skills but often they end up trying to overpower the person who is actually chairing the meeting.  Channel their enthusiasm but setting a clear agenda that involves a portion for them to speak and demonstrate their skills.

The cynic is always there, but yes, you can get value out of them.  This is the person the creative often dislikes but the cynic almost always has the best interest of the business and of the clients at the forefront with ROI being their goal and more often than not they know the client inside out.  Use this knowledge to expand on your strategy and move everything forward the best way possible.

There is always an assiduous team member and they offer so much value.  The minutes will be prompt and accurate.  Their notes will have every detail required, they won’t miss a thing.  They struggle to think outside the box or open themselves up a bit more creatively but you have to really tease their ideas out of them wit positive language and praise on what they have done already.

The leader.  When the boss comes to these meetings, they not only want to find out about the progress of a project but also to watch and see how the team are working together and to pick up on any issues that may or may not need addressed.  It is important to set a clear agenda as the leader and to make sure each staff member has a role to play and something to bring to the table.

Have you come across any other types and how do they fit in?



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