GDPR Toolkit

To ensure that you remain compliant, we've put together a GDPR toolkit that allows your video technology to comply with your policies; not the other way around. Data retention, consent journey and many more elements of GDPR can be customised within Odro. Ask for a live demo of how we do this today.


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Ask Permission

Ensure that your recruiters are forced to comply with your GDPR policy by enforcing a consent journey before every recording. Odro retains this information for you which can be accessed at any time.

Protected Rooms

Easily add passwords to interview rooms and video shortlists to protect your client and candidate information. Our lock room function adds an extra layer of security not offered by any other platform.

Data Destruction

When you delete candidate data all traces are removed. Previously shared links no longer work. Quick, easy and secure!

Tailored Compliance

Tailor GDPR specifically for your use case by leveraging settings such as a configurable data retention period. Our systems will follow your process and not the other way around.

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