Going The Extra Mile With Odro

We’re always on about how Odro can make you stand out and how to add value to your hiring process, but today we’re going to talk about how we practise what we preach. We’re super proud of our product offering and the amazing results it yields for our users, but we don’t want to stop there.

We’re totally confident in Odro’s ability to sell itself, but a major benefit to our users is the incredible team behind the software. On top of access to online help in our Knowledge Base, the superstars that make Odro what it is are also on hand to help (and they’re bloody good at it). Here are just a few ways we add value to our offering…


We want you to succeed and we know Odro can help you do that, but you’re not going to be a pro straight away. Our Customer Success team are all hands on deck when it comes to training you and your team how to use the platform. These training sessions are designed to suit your business and your needs and they can be online, in your office or even in ours if you’re up for a visit to one of the coolest offices in Glasgow! The team loves being on the road and recently we’ve been in Ireland where we famously did a demo on a bedsheet (get your mind out of the gutter - it was hung up on the wall due to a malfunctioning projector screen 🤣) and Manchester. But if anyone has an office in sunny LA and needs some training, I’m sure we could arrange that 👀

Personalised Frameworks

We launched the Incredible Connections framework a year ago and it was born out of the challenges currently faced by the industry. 

A common theme seemed to be that personalisation - and even relevance - was being sacrificed for scale. Delving deeper into our data, we aggregated the best practices of our highest-performing recruiters across the globe - from 800+ agencies - and combined the top 1% into a modular framework that we started rolling out to clients in December last year.

This helped our clients to really humanise their process at scale (hello, new tagline 👀). It helped them create longer-lasting, more meaningful connections with their candidates and clients by leveraging the power of the platform at 17 touchpoints during the hiring process. 

How did we go even further above and beyond? Well, our Marketing team spent a tonne of time creating bespoke frameworks for clients!


In the office, we know the sheer joy that the Customer Success team brings us, and we’re grateful that we get to share that with our clients via our weekly webinars. Our clients are greeted by either Amanda (our newly appointed Customer Success Director, a round of applause please 👏) or Carmen, our Customer Success Manager.

Every Wednesday, they’ll host a webinar for our users covering a huge range of topics for our users. We cover everything from tips and tricks on how to use our video messaging software Capture, and video interview software for both two-way and asynchronous interviews and Talent Dashboards and Producer. But we’re not just all about promoting our platform. We’ve also hosted webinars on diversity and inclusion, candidate aftercare, how not to get ghosted, and many more. 

So if you’re looking for video recruitment software, when you go with Odro, you’re getting so much more than just some new tech. Book a demo below and we’ll get in touch with you 👇

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