Have A Spexy Summer

This Summer is all about sun, sea and spex… Last week we wrote about keeping your candidates warm over the Summer, but you also don’t want to get the cold shoulder from your clients! We know there’s no such thing as “relaxation” for recruiters, but some lucky folk out there are actually winding down during this season. You can usually sense this through the lack of vacancies 🫣

There are tonnes of reasons to keep in touch with your clients on a regular basis. Just a few being:

  • Maintaining momentum
  • Build loyalty and trust
  • To stay on their minds

If you’re reaching out, the chances are you’re prospecting or speccing. If it’s the latter, we have some great tips on how to speed up your process and dare we even say it - have more time to chill 🤯

Spec smarter with Hiredeck

Specdeck inside Hiredeck is a total game-changer if you’re a Bullhorn user. It takes all of the information stored against your candidate in your CRM, and pulls everything into one place in seconds. It creates a super easy-to-navigate candidate profile with the help of the data already stored against the candidate and uses AI to parse even the trickiest CV. This profile can then be downloaded with your agency's branding, and you can anonymise the candidate information in one click! Just send via email or copy the link. Specdeck will even use AI to write your candidate summary and the email you send to your client! We’ll email to let you know in real-time when it was viewed so you can follow up accordingly!

Use Talent Dashboards for video shortlisting

If you’re not on Bullhorn, don’t worry. Our video interview suite, Vision, is equipped with a great video shortlisting tool, Talent Dashboards. Instead of sending over CVs, you can send a link to a branded portal that will have your shortlisted candidate video interviews, CVs, salary info, notice, plus any other documents, all in one place! Not only is this a great opportunity for your candidate to showcase their personality, but it’s also easier to track client activity and helps you keep things moving!

Go the extra mile with Capture video messaging

Although you can share your specs without leaving Bullhorn, if you want to spec but make it ✨ sexy ✨ send a video message with a link to your shortlists. We didn’t really need to include this as we shout about the benefits of video messaging so often, but we treat our 3 products like kids and we don’t want Capture to feel left out 🤷‍♀️

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