The Best Candidates Are Scooped Up Fast… We Can Help Get Them!

According to data from LinkedIn, the most desirable candidates are off the market in ten days. This isn’t ideal when the average time to fill is 42 days. You do the math 🥲

Time doesn’t only fly when you’re having fun (although life as a recruiter is always fun, right?). This is why you need to move fast, and Hiredeck helps with just that. Whether you struggle to get your hiring manager to get back to you, or you spend too much time typing up emails and attaching CVs, there’s something in this handy tool to move the process forward, faster.

On top of providing a slick portal, giving your hiring managers no choice but to be impressed, here are a few features that will ensure you won’t be keeping top talent waiting. We’ll keep it short and sweet. After all, the clock is ticking ⏰…

Instant, easy communication 

Hiring managers can interact with you in multiple ways within Hiredeck, but one of the fastest ways is with the Group Chats function. When the stars align and you’re both online at the same time, you can use our instant messaging feature to discuss the candidate instead of waiting for them to return your email or call. 

I spy with my little eye 👀

Hiredeck allows you to see when someone is online or has viewed your Hiredeck so you can follow up knowing they’ve been active. You can also see a list of everyone who has accessed the Hiredeck with their contact information. So, if you have multiple people from one agency showing up, you can identify all decision-makers and have alternative contacts to follow up with!

Everything, everywhere, all at once

Nothing is more frustrating than being run off your feet and receiving a 1000-word email with 8 attachments. It’s just not good practice. With Hiredeck, you’ll be able to send EVERYTHING to your client with the click of a button. They can access it anywhere at any time. They’ll see all past experience, salary expectations, notice periods, notes and CVs - all in one slick profile.

You’ve already done the work

One of the biggest time wasters is duplicating work. It’s frustrating for you and costs you time, meaning it also costs you money. While you’re typing all your notes and candidate information for the second time, your competitors are swooping in and stealing your candidate. 

The most effortless thing about Hiredeck is it pulls through all of the candidate data already stored in Bullhorn! All you need to do is click into Hiredeck (without even needing to leave Bullhorn) and you’ll see all the data stored against the candidate populate into a stunning profile.

Integrated with ChatGPT 

No more mind-numbing candidate summaries! Hiredeck Pro is integrated with ChatGPT that’ll automatically create an AI-generated candidate summary to elevate your submissions. This is all based on the information stored against the candidate and is a great time saver!

Staffing Hub’s 2023 report found 40% of recruiters who don’t currently use a portal plan to use one in the next two years, which will make it industry standard. Get ahead of the curve and check our Hiredeck today at 🚀

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