Our Hottest Capture Tips

POV: You’ve just downloaded Capture and are raring to go. You’re excited about the results - as you should be - and are ready to send your first video message! Capture’s video sales messaging software is super user-friendly so we’re not going to show you how to suck an egg, but we do have some brilliant tips to make your Capture one that won’t go forgotten.

Cut to the chase✂️

A common misconception is that creating videos is a time killer. 39% of professionals who do not use video cite lack of time as being their biggest challenge (Hubspot, 2023). However, with Capture, you can record and send your video within a couple of minutes! 

We recommend keeping your video short and punchy. Around 30 seconds for cold prospects. And then increase this slightly the further along they are in your sales pipeline, but don’t go over a minute!

The 15-15 rule ⚖️

For the first 15 seconds of your video, it’s all about them. Don’t start off with pleasantries and introduce yourself - don’t even say your name. You might think this sounds rude but stay with us… Start off with speaking about something they did recently. This could be a success within their company or that they have a cat you think is really cute. Anything that shows you’re interested and that the message is personalised to them. 

After you’ve done that, introduce yourself. “Oh, sorry, I completely forgot to introduce myself…”. This is like a happy accident. It leaves your prospect or candidate feeling all fuzzy inside. Like “Hey, they just want to talk about me”. ✨Psychology hacks!✨

According to a Princeton psychologist report, most people make a first impression of a person within seven seconds, so make them count!

Shortcut tips 💡

Is there anything worse in the world than acing a video and then that awkward silence as you try to find the stop button? Probably. But it’s something you can easily avoid with Capture. Once you’ve finished your Capture and you’re happy with it, just press the space bar. This will create a seamless ending to your video without the faffing about.

When you’re one of the unlucky ones who hasn’t perfected your video on the first go, just click the “Esc” button to restart. Remember, messing up isn’t a bad thing. We always suggest keeping your mistakes in the final cut to show your authenticity. And it’s definitely worth keep as bloopers to learn from. 😂

Use your imagination 💭

Get creative in your title and intro. Ask a question, use emojis and always address them by their first name. The more personable you are the better. So don’t use too much corporate lingo or you’ll struggle to stand out.

Your Capture previews default to a GIF automatically which makes it much more interactive for the receiver. So get your thinking cap on and get do something fun to stand out! You’ll see your open and engagement stats soar 🚀 Find out more about GIFs in Capture here >>

It’s in the eyes 👀

Another ✨psychology hack ✨is if you’re recording a Capture only (with no screen recording), centre the video on your screen so it gives the illusion of eye contact. And if you’re recording over a LinkedIn profile or document, make sure you move Capture to the top-right corner so it’s not hiding any important info!

Bonus tip: If recording both yourself and your screen, make sure you select “Current Tab” under screen share options in your settings.

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