How Much Time It Should Really Take To Submit Candidates

Hundreds of recruiters using Hiredeck are probably using it because of the amount of time it saves when submitting candidates. We’ve said Hiredeck and Specdeck can half your admin time and give you back hours of your week, but how can you really believe us if you haven’t seen it?

For a challenge, we logged ourselves into Bullhorn and got the stopwatch at the ready to actually time how long it takes to use some of our customer's favourite features. We even went the extra mile to do it three times so we’re being fair, and here are the results!

Parsing CVs

We don’t know how much time you currently spend formatting your candidate CVs but, unless you’re a robot yourself, we can guarantee Hiredeck will do it faster. This task is the bane of most recruiters’ lives and we have customers who used to leave it ‘til the end of the day because they couldn’t face it. Now they can get through 20x the amount of CVs in the time it would take them to format one!

Try 1: 15.56 seconds

Try 2: 17:37 seconds

Try 3: 16.72 seconds

This works even with the most complicated CVs, and you can even edit the information if you’re not 100% happy with it!

Writing Candidate Summaries

Hiredeck takes all of the information stored against your candidate and will create a candidate summary for you in seconds. This means no more having to manually type out skills, experience or qualifications in a different format. Just hit “Generate Summary” and it’ll produce one faster than you can say “hired”.

Try 1: 02.83 seconds

Try 2: 03:05 seconds

Try 3: 02:56 seconds

Again, all info can easily be edited or regenerated so you can even use AI as a starting point and then add your own personal touch!

Branding Your Submissions

Have you ever tried to brand your submissions yourself? Getting the logo in the right position can be a total pain. With Hiredeck, your branding is preset for you. Your logo, font, colour and headers and footers for your CV downloads, then it’s just a case of uploading your client's logo to create a dual-branded portal.

Since this is already set at a company-wide level, we’re saying this takes 0 secs.

Anonymising Candidates to Spec Out

Instead of manually redacting information on your candidate’s CV, you can do this in one click with Hiredeck. We tried this 3 times and it took less than 0.4 seconds each time!

Updating Your Clients

Recruiters are a chatty bunch but when you're submitting candidates over and over, the message can quickly lose creativity and become a bit generic. Our AI update feature writes your email for you and you can edit and regenerate it as many times as you like!

Try 1: 03.96 seconds

Try 2: 03:65 seconds

Try 3: 03:73 seconds

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