How to Create an Outreach Cadence in 6 Easy Steps

Step 1. Define your ICP (Ideal Client Persona).

This should be the perfect client for you. One that you know you can do a stellar job for, easily find candidates and provide an excellent service. You should have no more than 50 ICP clients. If you can identify more than 50, you’re not being strict enough.

Step 2. Put yourself in their shoes.

Now that you’ve identified who you’ll be speaking to, work out what they want to hear. Think about their general problems.

Example: They are posting job adverts at the moment. You know they will be getting hundreds of applicants, and very few will be worth speaking to. You may be able to help them solve this problem by giving them a guide on how to write a good advert that encourages the GOOD applicants to apply. Show the salary, talk about culture etc.

Step 3. Choose your tools.

Work out the ways you can connect with these ICP prospects. Phone, email, video, Whatsapp, Instagram, etc. Set these all out in front of you.

Step 4. Content, content, content.

Create 3 pieces of value that you can give away for free. These can take many forms. Webinars, guides, customer stories, market intelligence, things happening in their world. These things give you a REASON to call them,“Did you see the job advert guide I sent you on Monday?”

Examples could be: A guide to writing a job advert that attracts the GOOD candidates, an invite to a virtual roundtable with peers from their industry, a checklist that will help them hire people remotely.

Step 5. Create a timeline.

Blend the methods of communication with the pieces of value over 15 steps, leaving 1-5 days between each step. A good rule would be to have the 15 step cadence take 29-35 business days to get through.

Pro tip – always follow up a piece of content with a call. It’s a great opener.

Step 6. Press play.

You now have a structure for your next 6 weeks that is laser focused on the people that you know you can close easier than anyone else – and provide an amazing service to. Remember, stick with it to the end. Most customers respond in the second half of your cadence, so don’t give up. And remember to review your steps. Work out where the biggest conversions are and learn from them!

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