How to Create More Conversations in a Tough Market

We speak to recruiters every day so feel we understand your pain points. It is why we’re here after all! A common theme that's been going on for a while now is the struggle to get candidates and clients to engage with you. This isn’t new. 

You might remember we recently ran an exclusive Capture Bootcamp series where our CEO, Ryan, talked hundreds of recruiters through the benefits of video messaging in these scenarios. It helped them create way more conversations than before and is now embedded in their practices so much that we’re still hearing success stories today, even though the Bootcamp was in November. 

We know life is busy as a recruiter and you might not have been able to attend the sessions, so we’ve made it easy for you to still get the results by turning it into an easy-to-follow playbook! The ideas and plays to follow in this playbook have come from years of experience in the industry and from successful workshops with some of our biggest clients and it’s proven to work!

What it covers

Our Capture Playbook will cover everything from candidate engagement and personalising your video to perfection, to BD outreach and building a great discovery, and many tips and advice from industry pros in between. 

How it helped

"After the session, I sent 6 BD Captures and 4 have already replied. It’s looking good!" -Charlie @ Skillsearch

"Here’s my best response so far… Nice touch with a personalised video clip - you caught my attention where many others would have failed…We’re pretty stable currently but I do need to strengthen our commercial presence with a business development person. We could have a chat about that for starters.” - Aron @ Oceanic Resources

"I sent a Capture to a client who just wasn’t responding to my emails and calls. He called me instantly after receiving it, confirming he wanted to interview my candidate!" -Loubna @ New Resource Recruitment

"I got 9 roles off the back of ONE single Capture after following the steps from the Bootcamp!" -Laura @ Education World

"I’ve had great feedback from candidates, I’ve got a client meeting set up for Wednesday and another potential new client responded saying they’ll be back in touch soon. I’m so impressed with the results!" - Jodi @ Foyne Jones

"I got 14 responses in 2 days from candidates who hadn’t responded in 6-8 months. My video went down a treat!" -Cameron @ Applause IT Recruitment

"I sent a Capture to 22 candidates and have 8 responses and 5 meetings booked already!" -Aaron @ Abrivia Recruitment Specialists 

How do I get it?

If you want results like that, you can access the download here>>.  it’s super easy to put the actions into practice. If you don’t use video messaging yet, this is your sign to start!

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