How to Get Hiredeck Pro for FREE!

It’s been full steam ahead on all things Hiredeck recently, including the launch of one of our most exciting features yet. Recruiters asked and we listened! A huge pain point for most recruiters is spending hours formatting CVs and we’ve even heard that if one is too complex, they’ll just completely bypass it. We heard that all the solutions available weren’t great, so we decided to build our own. The best part? You can try it for FREE now.

We’re all pinching pennies on the lead up to Christmas, so what better stocking filler than a platform that increases your fill-rates and reduces your time to hire. Although we say this is only for recruiters, we don’t think a five year old would appreciate this as a stocking filler, maybe stick to sweets for that one.

What Do You Get for Free On The Trial?

You’ll get full access to the Hiredeck suite in Bullhorn. Once you have it, it pulls your candidate information into a slick, easy to use portal that you can share with your Hiring Managers. It gives you way more control over the hiring process with these incredible features 👇

💰 Automatic conversion of PDF CVs to branded profiles: There’s nothing worse than copying text off a PDF CV and for it to paste like this: “A recent graduate             with emp

loyment experience,withskills and attributes including lea    dership ,analytical thinking and problem s


Hiredeck Pro’s brand new CV parser can take the most complex CVs and transform into a branded profile in less than 30 seconds. It’s tried and tested, and is sure to save you hours (and your sanity).

👽 AI generated candidate pitches based on the CV: Another huge time saver. Instead of typing up your candidate summaries, Hiredeck Pro is integrated with ChatGPT so all you have to do is click a button and our little bot friend does all the work! It uses the information already stored in the candidate profile, and if it’s not quite right, you can regenerate the response or edit it yourself.

🎨Your brand and theirs: Catch their attention with a professionally co-branded portal. The branding on your Hiredeck is fully customisable, meaning you can add your own logo and colour scheme, as well as your client’s logo too! It looks like you’ve gone the extra mile and your clients will love it!

🤸 Increased flexibility: On Hiredeck Pro, you can attach up to 15 document attachments per candidate profile and have up to 40 candidates per vacancy!

🧩 Automatically write all of your client’s activity back to your CRM: Data cleansing wasn’t the first (or even the second) benefit that sprung to mind when Hiredeck was first conceived to be your new candidate submissions tool. But it turned out to be an excellent added bonus. We built Hiredeck so that almost all the editable fields sync back to Bullhorn. Meaning you’re keeping your candidate info updated with every submission. Pro users can even have their notes synced if they want. 

If you want to be able to work on more roles right now to increase revenue per head, give them a free spin of Hiredeck. You just need to sign up at 🎉

Candidates can be submitted at lightning speed, meaning your team has more time for BD, candidate sourcing and building relationships.

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