Get the Perfect Thumbnail for Capture and Producer Videos

Odro’s Capture allows users to create branded video messages. Capture messages are used by recruiters throughout the hiring process, from business development to personalised “Congratulations” messages to candidates. These short snappy videos are helping recruiters stand out in flooded inboxes and create better, lasting relationships.

Producer is our video content creation tool. Users can add branding and subtitles to their videos and immediately share them on social media. Producer is great for creating eye-catching video job adverts. A video job advert allows the recruiter to show their enthusiasm for the role and immediately. Personal branding is everything now, people buy from people. Being able to get your personality across to potential candidates while showing what you can do for them is so valuable.   

Choosing a thumbnail 

Having your post appear on people’s newsfeeds, or in their inboxes, is only half the battle. You need them to watch your video content. Your thumbnail is what will get their attention and prompt their decision on whether to watch your video or not. 

Capture and Producer both allow you to either select a screen from the video to use as the thumbnail or upload an image from your computer. But what makes a good thumbnail?

Top tips for your thumbnails

  • Have a clear, high-quality image, no one wants to watch a fuzzy video.
  • The thumbnail should always be related to the video content. Don’t choose a picture of you skiing on holiday as the thumbnail if the job you’re advertising isn’t something to do with skiing!
  • It should be consistent with your brand colours and guidelines. This is a super-easy way to step up the professionalism of the message. 
  • Look directly at the camera! It’s like making eye contact with the viewer. 
  • Smile. Choose a frame where you look excited and interested in the message. A smile automatically lets the viewer know you’re genuine and trustworthy. 
  • Short and snappy headlines. We recommend no more than six words. Just enough to let them know it’s relevant to them and reel them in to watch more. 

AB Testing

Don’t be afraid to test out different options! You’ll never know if you don’t try. With Capture’s new Quickfire option you can copy a video instantly and change the thumbnail. Keep a record of the thumbnails that got good click rates and the ones that didn’t. 

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