How To Keep Tabs on Talent (Without Putting Them Off)

Ah, recruitment. Forever a catch-22. On one hand, you want to keep tabs on candidates to make sure they’re still interested and engaged in the process. On the other hand, you don’t want to come across as pushy or annoying. The latter can result in every recruiter's worst nightmare - getting ghosted. So how do you strike the right balance?

We’ve put together some of our top tips on keeping up to date with candidates without annoying them…

Mix it up 🎨

Repeat after us. Copying and pasting is so obvious, not to mention exhausting. Get creative with your communication! If they’re not answering their phone, don’t follow up with another 12 calls. Switch it up! A great way to grab attention in an inbox is with our video messaging tool Capture. It looks like you put in way more effort than sending an InMail or email when in actual fact, it takes less than 60 seconds to record and send.

We bet once they see your lovely smile, they’ll get right back to you ✨

Keep it fun 🎉 

Professional. But fun. If you’ve made a good initial connection, you probably already know a bit about them beyond their professional experience. Use any information you have to your advantage. Have they got a dog? Ask how it’s doing. Going on holiday? Remind them there’s not long to go until they’re basking in the sun. Injecting a bit of personality into your communication will make it more fun and engaging for candidates. 

💡 Pro tip: Using media like memes or gif’s can really grab attention whilst keeping communication casual, and who doesn’t love a gif?

Give them some space 🛸

While it's important to keep in touch with your candidates, it's equally important to give them space. If you're constantly emailing or calling them, it’ll feel like you're breathing down their necks. Instead, set realistic expectations for communication and make sure to respect their boundaries.

Make sure it’s a match 🔥

Ensure that the candidates you’re reaching out to are genuinely a good match for the job. Do your research and don’t just send your latest marketing exec role to everyone who has the word marketing on their LinkedIn. Sure, you’ve got your quota to meet and it’s good to harvest CVs, but it will only work in your favour if your candidate sees what you’ve sent as a genuine opportunity. Not a career change. Not a back step. But something that aligns with their experience and career aspirations.

By following these simple tips, you’ll build a better relationship with your candidate and you’ll enjoy a huge uplift in open and engagement rates. For some people, they just don’t like answering the phone (we’re looking at you gen-Z). So by keeping your communication with them light-hearted, fun, and relevant you’ll have less ghosts and more gains!


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