How to review your tech stack 2022, and why you need to

What is a tech stack? 

Your tech stack consists of any tool, platform or software that your company uses to either aid the service or product you provide or help with business operations. 

What is a tech stack audit? 

It's essentially a reccy of what you're paying for and what you’re getting in return. Basically, to make sure everything that you’ve been promised by your suppliers is happening. Has the problem been solved? Has it been done efficiently? If not, where does the blame sit? With you or the supplier? And how can it be solved?

Why do we need to do a tech stack audit?

You could be losing time and money from systems not being set up properly or not being utilised properly. There could be a way to massively improve efficiency that is staring you right in the face. 

As Charlotte Doherty mentioned recently at the recruitment expo, people often fall for the “Magpie Effect''. They buy into the shiniest looking bit of tech without actually considering if it’s needed or the best fit for the existing process. There could be better options out there that are better suited for you. For more info, check out the Doherty Advisory Groups tech stack audit article here >>

What needs to consider when reviewing your tech stack?

  • ROI. The biggie. Is the system bringing in or saving you more cash than you’re spending on it? 
  • Can any of my suppliers already do this? You could be paying for duplication of service and not even realise. 
  • Integrations. Tech companies are becoming more customer-centric, breaking the barriers between systems. There have been hundreds of suppliers teaming up to streamline processes for their users. If you have systems that can integrate, make sure they do. You'll avoid duplicating your process or data. 
  • Past problems, current problems and future problems. Has your current tech solved problems in the past? Can it solve your current problems? Could it, if you use it properly or get a different package? Is your current tech stack going to support your future goals? 

Who needs to be involved? 

Every department. We suggest nominating one person from each team to do their own audit then combining them. It could well turn out that the tech one team is using solves the issue of another team.  

What is the goal? 

No wasted tech, money or time. The tech audit task will take time but in the long run, it will streamline processes. 

How do we keep on top of it?

Stay in contact with your suppliers. Products and services are constantly being improved and updated. They most likely send you newsletters about this. You have to make sure you are getting the most out of your subscription costs and not missing any tricks. 

If the tech isn’t being used properly by your team, how and why has this happened? It can be that it’s just not as useful as you thought it would be. But, more often, it’s because people don’t know how to use it. There is no shame in having a refresher session to avoid an investment going to waste. Especially when it could be returning investment. 

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