How To Use Odro To Speed Up Your Hiring Process

In recruitment, time is of the essence. Taking too long to fill roles can cost a pretty penny and add a lot of stress and frustration to your job. Sure, most of the things that can hold you back are out of your control but here are a few ways to work faster and smarter with video interview software

If you’re new here, hi 👋 We’re Odro, and we’re all about helping you to humanise the hiring experience at scale. Humanising? At scale? You might be wondering how that’s possible, but trust us - we make it easy and save you time and money to boot. Did we mention we’ll probably increase response rates too? 

Enough bragging… Read below to discover how some of our features can speed up your hiring process!


Candidates can see through the “copy and paste” method and know when they’ve received a mass message which can put them off pursuing a role you’ve sent, or even replying. Email and InMail are great but if you really want to capture their attention, send a Capture! 📸

Capture is our multi-award winning instant HD video sales messaging tool which speeds up your ability to complete outreach at scale, and is proven to dramatically increase response rates. No more refreshing your inbox repeatedly to see if that dream candidate got back to you. It seems scary, but it’s so natural to just say what you want to say over camera instead of typing out a long spiel (plus, no need to worry as much about typos)!

Quickfire is an incredible feature within Capture which is ideal for when you’re tight on time but still want to keep that personal touch. It allows you to record a generic video message, which you can save for use over and over again, but then duplicate it so you can add personalisation. You can change the thumbnail, update the title, caption and then send it on. All done within seconds!

Interview stage

It goes without saying that video interviews save so much time in your hiring process. Since covid, people might say it’s stranger to be invited to an initial in-person interview than seeing a dog walk on its hind legs (although this is something we’d pay to see). More and more jobs have become hybrid or remote, meaning you can dive right into a deeper talent pool and pull together more options for your hiring manager. 

Use our two-way or Solo Interview tool to remove at least one stage in your hiring process and skip a whole stage in the hiring process. If you’re experiencing more applications than you expected and want to give everyone a fair chance without having to speak to them all individually, set up a Solo Interview and send out the link to them all. Include some role-specific questions and keep it short and sweet. This will allow you to have better insight into each candidate's experience and personality before progressing the best to the next stage. 


Talent Dashboards is an interactive portal which allows you to share your shortlists, adding to an exceptional experience for both you and your hiring managers. You can add comments, an intro video, display salary expectations, experience and notice period. Plus you can include recordings of their interviews. This means your hiring manager has easy-to-digest information to review in one place. They can even interact with your shortlist with likes, comments, callback and interview requests and you’ll be notified in real-time as they do!

Document collection

You can also use Solo Interviews to speed up document collection. Need proof of vaccination status, evidence of education or other docs quickly? Get them on Solo Interviews and have them automatically upload against their profile.

There are loads more ways Odro can support your hiring process, helping you to place more roles, faster. Get in touch to see it in action 👇

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