How Video Tech Aids a High Volume Hiring Process

We recently caught up with Yasmin Millar, Graduate Recruitment and Development Manager at legal firm Burness Paull. Burness Paull has thousands of applicants for their graduate and student programmes every year and have been using Odro to help manage their process since April last year. Yasmin said: “Video has fallen so nicely and neatly into our process, I don’t know how we did things before.” In a year of using Odro they’ve seen really positive results including an increase in their interview to offer ratio. 

So how are they using video software to their advantage? By nailing candidate experience and content.

Candidate experience 

Burness Paull has been using Odro’s Solo interview feature as their first stage interview which has proved a massive time saver. It also offers greater flexibility to candidates who can complete the interviews in their own time.

Yasmin said, “We can get up to 500 applications per job and I’m often asked how do I stand out?” She then went on to say that she’s been blown away by the positive feedback from applicants. “They feel the Solo interview aspect of the process is their chance to showcase their personality and stand out against the competition. It’s their chance to get on stage in front of the decision-makers. Video allows hiring managers to see how energised the candidate is about the role. They can come to life and get their personalities across way more than they can with just a CV.”


The team has also been using Producer to create social media content and testimonials. The tool allows them to add subtitles and branding to their videos, ready for posting across their social media channels. Yasmin explained: “Odro has given us the opportunity for increased personal engagement with candidates much earlier in the process. We share videos showing what it’s like to work here. In the same way candidates feel they can showcase their personality better over the video, we’re able to get across our culture and to give a real insight into what we’re all about. It’s great.”

Video for high volume recruiting, a perfect match

Burnes Paull has displayed a masterclass in saving time without compromising candidate experience. In fact, they’ve improved it. Thanks for the chat, Yasmin! 

If you’re looking to improve your volume hiring process and provide a better experience to your candidates, book a call today. 

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