Odro For Interviews, The Video Interview Toolkit.

Our clients believe we have designed the most comprehensive video recruitment platform in the world: A toolkit that allows recruiters to adapt to the needs of their clients and their candidates.

Whether you need to record a two way interview or have a candidate record a short introduction on their own, or present a shortlist of all candidates and their videos, you need the Video Interview Toolkit.

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Stand out from your competition

You are competing with agencies that email lists of CVs to clients. Odro will give you the ability to offer something truly valuable to your potential client: The ability to review candidate video interviews across their business, and give you accurate feedback much quicker than you can by reading a CV.

On average, 70% of candidates that progress from video interview to in-person interview are made an offer, giving you the control you need.

Submit Co-Branded Shortlists of Candidate Interviews

You will be presenting more than one candidate for a role. Odro shortlist now gives you the power to present all of your candidate video interviews in one, co-branded shortlist.

All you have to do is send your client your shortlist link. They will see every candidate’s video interview, their CV and even give their comments on each candidate.

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What People Think

Utilised effectively Odro should reduce the time to hire significantly which can only be positive for hiring organisations as well as those supplying resource. Both parties can work together to ensure effective, relevant questioning takes place at the outset of the recruitment process and helps the second stage interview be more concentrated into areas which require deeper probing/understanding.Stuart Alexander, Operations Manager
Stuart Alexander, Operations Manager Be-IT Resourcing
I was skeptical initially if this would work and being a tight Scotsman if we would see a good ROI. After 6 weeks of using the video interview and shortlisting function I would not look back, days spent in hotels and coffee houses meeting with candidates are now in the past and with more time spent in the office finding the best talent for our clients we are more productive because of Odro. The best part…candidates and clients love it Terry Mallin, Recruitment Director
Terry Mallin, Recruitment Director Bonfire Recruitment
Odro has been a great addition to my business. Not only do I now do all my internal VC meetings through it, but I’ve also been able to really train and develop my team through the recording tool. We are already getting our clients to use it rather than have them arrange tricky VC’s and the feedback has been nothing but positive. A wonderful product supported by a very good teamStuart Elliott, CEO and Founder
Stuart Elliott, CEO and FounderElliott Scott Group
We have found Odro to be an exceptional tool in presenting candidates for roles. After fully implemented Odro into our processes of presenting executive candidates to our clients, we noticed a stronger positive feedback from our clients. The easy accessibility of 1 click to join the interview room has made meeting clients and candidates much faster and easier compared to other software we have used previously. With it's easy to understand and navigate interface training my colleagues on how to use Odro took no time at all” Josh Morgan, Executive Search Consultant
Josh Morgan, Executive Search Consultant West Country Appointments

Why Odro for HR & Recruitment

  • Reduce time to hire
  • Give a true USP for your brand
  • Be a preferred partner to your clients
  • Keep more control over the process
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