Human Error in Tech: The Biggest Screen Share Fails

Online meetings are great for so many reasons. Whether you use Zoom or our online interview platform, Vision, you’ll agree they save time, money and provide much more flexibility. Technology is amazing but if you’re an Odro customer, you’ll know we always bang on about the importance of making sure you don’t forget the human touch ✨

But, do you want to know one downside of humans? Human error. Mistakes happen and it’s more authentic than being perfect 24/7 - but today we’re going to share one of the most common digital fails. Sharing the wrong screen during a meeting 😱 

The Things You Shouldn’t See

“I had a meeting with my boss once and she asked me to share my screen to go through a task. The tab I opened was advice on Google for “dealing with a narcissist boss”.

“This one is pretty wholesome but they were still super embarrassed. During a technical interview, a candidate shared his screen and was closing his tabs that were all different videos on Youtube titled “Cool videos of dolphins. Maybe to calm him down for the interview?”

“My co-worker (who was engaged), was doing a mobile demo. He shared his mobile screen and accidentally opened a dating app which he seemed very active on.”

“I unexpectedly had to demo something off my personal iPhone because none of the dev devices were prepped, and Safari helpfully suggested that I check out OnlyFans.”

The Stalkers

“During my first ever meeting with my department, my manager shared his screen and his screen opened on Google Maps zoomed in to my HOME ADDRESS!”

“I was in a virtual training session with an external company conducting it and the trainer shared his screen, only to be on my husband's LinkedIn… He doesn’t even work for our company!”

The Job Hunter

“On a team call, someone in our team shared his screen and was closing down tabs and one of them was a partially completed job application for one of our main competitors.”

The “Just Need to Vent” Fail

“Our product owner was screen sharing during our stand up and his manager pinged him a message that popped up showing “[X] is really pi***ng me off”. He had to apologise to everyone.”

“While presenting, the person running the meeting messaged me (on the shared screen) that he dreamed about punching one of the other people in the meeting last night and how he wished it was real.”

So, repeat after me. ONLY SHARE YOUR TAB AND NOT SCREEN ⚠️ Hopefully this is a friendly reminder. And remember if you’ve ever done anything embarrassing in a meeting or interview, at least it’s not as bad as these. If it is, we want to hear it 😂 

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