If BD techniques were Spice Girls... How do your prospects wannabe reached?

There are so many forms of content now that your opportunities for how to communicate with prospects or customers are endless. When it comes to new business development we all know that showing up at their houses to tell them about your product or service might get you noticed, but it will most certainly not be how they want you to grab their attention. Especially if they’re doing the old shirt on top, pants on bottom for zoom meetings trick. 

You have choices now for how to get people to listen to what you have to say and variety is the spice of life. But everyone has their favourite spice. Chilli, peri-peri or paprika…? Cold calling, jazzy emails or video messaging. 

Baby, Scary or Sporty? 

Lucky for us, in 2021 Wyzowl provided us with some magic marketing stats letting us know how those decision makers really want to see what you have to say. And, even luckier for us, in 2018 YouGov asked more than 31,000 people their favourite member of 90s iconic pop band, Spice Girls. 

Scared them off? 

Coming in last place with just 2% of people saying they’d like to learn about a product or service in this form is... sales call or demo. And also coming in last place is Scary Spice. Is it a coincidence both are known for being loud and shouty? Your prospects don’t want you calling them up from nowhere when they’re in the middle of doing something to tell them that “easy V doesn’t come for free, she’s a real lady”. Or whatever else it is you have to say? 

Too Posh to… read? 

Coming in 4th place it’s Posh with just 3% of the vote. And what bland boring messaging is in second last place too? eBooks. Sorry but noone wants to take time out of their day to read screeds and screeds of chat about your offering, or about your different black Gucci dresses. Not to be harsh, but they simply do not care enough to put in that amount of effort. Much like our Vicky B when it comes to dance routines. 

Stop right now, thank you very much...

Infographics. With a shockingly low 4% of those asked saying they’d like to learn about products in this way. Ginger spice coming in bronze place in the Spicy faves vote. They may look jazzy and stand out in the pack with their graphics and union jack dresses, but when it comes to making a purchase decision there are better ways to get your point across.  

Hi see ya, hold… up?

High-kicking into second place with 18% of the vote is text-based articles, websites or posts (so things like this really) and the one and only Sporty Spice. Okay so eBooks scored low, but that doesn’t mean people are completely turning their backs on reading all together. Just keep it short, clear and concise. Short and impactful, like a Sporty backflip. Maybe even add in a random theme to keep it… spicy. 

If you wannabe… getting all the new business 

And in first place with a whopping 69% of decision makers saying they’d prefer to learn about a product or service this way… if you haven’t guessed it already… It's VIDEO! (Of course it is, you’re on a video tech website!) And the number one Spice Girl? Baby! She’s cute, she’s sweet and she’s fun! Draw everyone’s eye to you like Baby sucking sweetly on a lolly pop (in hindsight, maybe don’t do that exactly, bit creepy). But you get what we’re saying.

Viva forever 

At the end of the day, in a busy market you really have got to swing it, shake it and move it to make it. Probably a mix of all content is best but keep the trends in mind and make sure you’re delivering what people want to see. 

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