If You Haven’t Seen Odro Recently, You Haven’t Seen Odro

New logo, who dis?

After 5 and a half years of hard work, hundreds of hoodies, exhibition stands, ice scrapers, bobble hats and COUNTLESS videos and memes… you might have noticed that Odro had GLOW-UP a few weeks ago! We’ve got new branding with a slick new logo, colour scheme, fonts, pebbles (yup, pebbles) and video vibes. Plus a new UX focussed website to boot. Exciting, right? But why now? 

It’s recommended that companies rebrand every seven to 10 years but for us, the time was right now. Odro as a solution has grown leaps and bounds in the past year alone. In fact, we’ve had feedback from a prospect who said “If you haven’t seen Odro lately, you haven’t seen Odro” after having a demo 12 months ago and then another last week. We’ve grown up, as people and as a solution and it was time to update the brand to reflect that. Our first big "grown-up" move was our Bullhorn video integration in early 2020 then we haven't stopped building and improving since.

Odro’s Head of Marketing, Susie Lawler, filled us in: “On joining Odro it was immediately obvious how strong the brand was. The guys, without a marketing department to speak of, had done a truly amazing job in a relatively short space of time so I had a great starting point. Saying that, there was definitely a lack of consistency across the brand. And with many, if not all, start-ups that grow quickly and evolve, the positioning didn’t reflect where the company was now. 

“The platform is a totally different beast today than it was five years ago when we started out with just two full time employees. Literally thousands of enhancements, new features releases, two entirely new products, several world-first integrations, and a whole new best-in class approach to training and implementation are just some of the changes that have happened along the way. Being new, it’s easy to take a step back, grab a blank piece of paper and scope out a new proposition that reflects that journey. From there, it’s just the small matter of execution. Which is a whole different blog for another day. As with everything Odro, it was a great team effort and I’m pleased - and relieved - it’s over, and has been so well received.”

2021 is set to be our biggest year yet, as lovely and recognisable as the logo Ryan McCabe and his friend drew on a napkin in 2015 was, it just wasn’t going to cut the new worldwide Odro. We’re so excited to see where our logo and updated proposition takes us; trust us it’s going to be FAR. Keep your eyes peeled for new Odro #merch. Obviously, there’s going to be hoodies. 

And if Team Marketing were in doubt if they made the right decision or not, we got some wise words from Nick Beecroft, Growth Lead at Odro, to confirm it: “I didn’t realise how sh*t our logo was until I saw the new one.” Thanks, Nick. 

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