You Should be Being Asked to Video Interview.

Unfortunately in the current climate there’s been a lot of redundancies. Which means a lot of people are looking for new jobs. It also means there’s lots of competition for the jobs that are available. Candidates need to stand out, and we know how you can.  

Since March we’ve had quizzes, yoga sessions, cocktail making, cooking classes, playdates, actual dates, and even murder mystery nights all over video software! If we can keep our business and social lives going from our own homes then why should the hiring process be any different? Spoiler, it’s not! 

How businesses reacted to Covid-19 tells you a lot about them. Did they adapt, or not? Are they forward-thinking and innovative, or did they run and hide? Same goes for afterwards. Are they in the new normal or are they going straight back to their old-fashioned and out-dated ways? Which of these do you think is more equipped to find you a new job or career? 

If you’re looking for a new role and you’re not being asked to video interview by recruiters then you really should be asking, “why not?” Even when we’re allowed to see each other face-to-face again.  

Why is video interviewing software a huge benefit to our candidates? Well, let me explain…

Interview from anywhere

Apart from the obvious reason that there’s no need for face-to-face interviews, minimising your risk of exposure of Covid-19. The fact there’s no need for face-to-face means you can interview from literally anywhere. Whether you’ve gone home to isolate at parents’ houses or are planning on moving somewhere new post-lockdown, video interviewing means there’s no need to travel at all for at least your first stage interview. With more and more companies following in Twitter’s new “Work from Anywhere” footsteps, and thousands of remote onboarded hirings conducted during the lockdown, it’s not completely unimaginable that you would never have to do a face-to-face interview ever again. 

Any device

Not everyone has a laptop now as we tend to use our work ones for everything but you can hardly use a work laptop for another job interview, can you? And if you’ve been unlucky and paid-off, then you’ll have to return said laptop. Not a problem, you can use your phone or tablet to complete your video interview. 

One interview, several opportunities & feedback

With loads of people being made redundant, it means there are hundreds of candidates’ CVs landing on our clients’ desks. And because some jobs are advertised by more than one recruitment agency, and the client themselves, your CV can end up showing up on the hiring manager’s desk more than once. This doesn’t exactly look creditable for you, but we can work with you exclusively to not only ensure this doesn’t happen but increase your chances of breaking through the noise. We can conduct your first stage interview on video then take it, and supporting documents, to our clients. We either get you an interview or we get you valuable feedback and put you ahead of the competition on the market, quicker than you waiting to hear if your CV ever made it to the top of that pile. 

Skip the first stage interview

If you’re successful when we send it to our top clients then you’ve already skipped straight to the second stage, possibly the final stage, of the hiring process. It also means you don’t have to take a day off for an interview that you might have been unknowingly ruled out of in the first five minutes - the client has already seen your first stage and knows you’re a good fit for the role. 

So, the same as we’ll question anyone who doesn’t cover their mouth when they sneeze post-lockdown (seriously why were people not already doing this?), we should also question anyone who insists they meet you face-to-face for interviews.  

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