Stand By Your Brand - Why Branding Matters When Hiring

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Branding is one of the first things your clients and candidates will notice (and google 👀) when you reach out, so it should be top-notch to make sure you stand out against your competition. 

In a talent-short market candidates are being bombarded with InMails and many are going unnoticed, especially if you’re dealing with passive candidates. This is where branding comes in to save the day. It’s the superhero you didn’t know you needed but instead of fighting crime, it fights for your online presence 🦸‍♀

It’s not us, it’s you 💙

And we mean this in the best way. When a candidate is considering going with a recruiter, it’s important they know you’re trustworthy. 89% of people google a company before committing to a purchase, and choosing to go with a new job has more on the line than the outfit they’re buying for their next night out. 

It’s the personality that matters!

It’s all about your personal brand. Don’t lean on the copy-and-paste method and send a personalised message instead. 82% of people feel more positive about a company after seeing customised content and our video messaging software Capture, allows you to send personalised video messages in seconds helping you cut through the noise.

Your client's brand should be shown in a positive light too, so when you’re attaching a job to your email or Capture (you can do that by the way), make sure it reflects their tone of voice and values. This instantly gives the candidate a feel for the client and if they’re not in line with their interests, it saves time being wasted for everyone.

They’re interested. What now?

Woo-hoo! They’re impressed and have agreed to the opportunity to discuss further. Maybe we’re speaking for ourselves but we love a little nosey… 

Is your social media regularly updated? Almost half (47%) of recruiters recognise the importance of social media and it’s no wonder. It’s a great tool to share eye-catching content. 86% of social media users prefer authentic brand personality on social networks, and what’s more authentic than you? Our video content creation product Producer, is a simple but powerful editing tool to create branded videos to share (Bonus: 54% of people want to see more video content online)!

Reviews are also a biggie. A huge 55% of job seekers say they would abandon a job application after reading a negative review. Again, branding can help. Are you responding to your reviews? 62% of candidates have a more positive perception of a company after seeing them get back to reviews. That includes the good, the bad and the ugly.

Last but not least

Candidates are also subject to scrutiny by your client, so how do you build a brand for them too? Our video software for recruiters lets you showcase your candidate beyond their CV. Record live two-way interviews on Vision or ask them to complete a short Solo Interview to attach with their application on a Talent Dashboard so that your client can see their personality shine through ✨

55% of recruiting specialists worldwide have a proactive strategy for presenting their companies as desirable employers, but don’t forget about your own, or your candidate’s. 

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