Intelligent Analytics

Powerful, in-depth analytics allow you to gain real time insight on your interviews and shortlists. Heat-maps and view counts allow you to predict which candidates will be invited to interview before your client gives you feedback. This allows you to keep your candidates happy throughout the process.


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Gather Data Before Clients Get Back In Touch

Gain insight to what candidate your client is viewing the most. You'll know if they have watched the full interview or not. You will see if they viewed all candidates and gain key information of what part of the interview they like most.

Heatmap Insights

Heatmaps allow you to identify popular parts of each interview. Identify strengths and weaknesses of each interview. Give candidates more support and insight to what the client is looking for by knowing what answers your clients like best.

See Total/ Unique Views

See insight stats to the total number of Interviews, Solo's, Shortlists and Captures created by your Recruiters. Get instant notifications when clients view candidate interviews or shortlists.

Identify Trends & Views To Support Diversity

Ensure every candidate is given a fair opportunity. You will be able to support your candidates by having access to stats which can support diversity and inclusion throughout the interview process.

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